Version explanation

This page explains the versioning for all MD bots, updates and how it all works.

You can read what changes each version brings in our change_logs channel on Discord.

Versioning explanation

The following section is technical in its nature and is not required knowledge to enjoy Medieval Discord as an RP server. Its more of a guideline for the curious and ourselves while developing MD.

Medieval Discord uses semantic versioning for its software and documentation in the format vX.Y.Z

  • X is a major release. v1.0 -> (remade bot entirely)v2.0 -> (VEA remake) v3.0

  • Y is a minor release. Includes new features, improvements, minor overhauls, etc.

  • Z is a patch release. Usually includes bug fixes and small improvements and adjustments.

The additional custom versioning parameter, which isn't publicly displayed in the #change_logs channel nor on the documentation here, is the dev hash appended to each version number. It's used to represent different versions that are deployed to MD during development which don't alter anything visible to the MD user (such as numbers, commands, features, etc.).

The changes that occur are usually file formats or project structure changes which aren't directly reflected on MD itself but are improvements to the general software and should be deployed to the user possibly even before an actual minor/patch version is released.


v3.0.1-240316a - The year, month, day and alphabetic letter used for ordering during that specific timestamp. The hash 240316b would be used for a second deployed release on the 16th of March, 2024.

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