A page detailing cXP gain through Sparring within Medieval Discord.

#field 1, 2, or 3
r!spar <@user> <weapon>

<weapon> - The weapon you're sparring with. It can only be either sparring sword or fists. If left out, defaults to fists.

  • Minimum Stamina: 60%

    • Raw Stamina Cost for Attacker: 10

    • Raw Stamina Cost for Defender: 2

  • Minimum Health: 60%

    • Raw Health Cost for Spar Loser: 5

Sparring modifiers

  • (+)Attacker's Strength: str

  • (+)Weapon's average of all 3 stats: (s+p+c)/3

  • (+)Attacker's Combat LVL: lvl

  • (-)Defender's Strength: str

  • (-)Armor's average of all 3 stats: (s+p+c)/3

  • (-)Defender's Combat LVL: lvl

Success Threshold:

  • 0 or less : Fail

  • 1+ : Success

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-3

XP Gain

  • Successful Attack: 0-5 cXP

  • Unsuccessful Attack: 3-5 cXP

  • Successful Defense: 1-5 cXP

  • Unsuccessful Defense: 4-6 cXP

  • Sparring sword durability cost: 15

  • Sparring armor durability cost: 3

Besides the Sparring Sword, people may also spar with their fists by putting "fists" in the weapon space, or by putting nothing in at all. This is for those who prefer hand-to-hand sparring like fistfighting or wrestling IC. However, if you spar with your fists, your normal cXP gain will be affected by a -2 reduction. The person being attacked will also suffer this penalty during their defense!


Sparring is much better than training as it provides more cXP, however, it has the drawback of actually requiring another person to spar with you, plus it slowly drains your HP. Those who spar show an above-average interest in combat, and ready themselves for the real deal. Sparring is basically just simplified combat, where there is no dodging, no criticals, no counters, and no maiming since sparring is done with either hands or blunt Sparring Swords.

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