When characters engage in any activity that has a chance to get them dirty or bloodied, they risk getting the Filthy role. Commands that give XP or coin and combat moves carry a 5% chance of giving the character the Filthy role. This role indicates to other characters that your character is dirty and due for a bath. Besides providing RP opportunities, it will harm all charisma checks as well.

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Removing the Filthy role is fairly easy. For most people, it will require a trip to the #bathhouse channel and using the bathe command which can be done once every 8h and will cost you 10 buckles every time. Using this command will also regenerate 5-10 stamina each time it is used.

Alternatively, those of a higher social class may opt to use the bathe command in any of the three castles in Rosewood, or even their own homes if they are at least Enhanced I. If done here, the bathe command has no cooldown and no cost.

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