Inside vs Outside

When roleplaying in Rosewood, there is an important distinction to be made. Most channels are within the City's walls. These represent the "Inside", while the remaining channels are beyond the walls; the "Outside". Rosewood is a City surrounded by walls with multiple gates that allow people to enter and leave at will. These gates are of course manned by members of the City Watch.

To exit Rosewood, you will need to use the move command in the #main_square channel. When you do this, in addition to the other channels you may go to, you will also be given the option to go to the #walls channel. Inversely, if you want to enter Rosewood from beyond the #walls, you will need to use the move command in the #walls channel.

If you attempt to enter or exit Rosewood while you have the Outlaw or AOS roles on you, there is a chance you will be instantly arrested:

  • Base arrest chance: 60%

  • (+)Armor:

    • Gambeson, Chain Mail: 5%

    • Brigandine, Rosewoodian Plate: 10%

  • (-)Intelligence: 2xint%

  • (-)Charisma: 2xchr%

  • Clothing:

    • Silver Jewelry: +10%

    • Gold Jewelry: +20%

    • Highborn Clothing: +20%

    • Highborn Boots: +10%

    • Clerical Robes: -20%

    • Inquisitor Robes: -20%

    • Medicus Robes: -20%

    • Watch Uniform: -30%

    • Cloaked: -40%

    • Bailiff's Uniform: +80%

In addition to checking if people match the warrants they have listed, as well as Outlaws that have been banished from the City, the Watch also executes random searches that are unavoidable, and as previously mentioned, completely random. When going between #walls and #main_square, there is a 5% chance that your character's inventory will be checked for contraband. If any is found, it will be destroyed and they will be arrested on the spot and transported to the #dungeons. There are, however, roles that are exempt from these random searches:

  • The Archbishop

  • The Inquisitor General

  • The Head Medicus

  • Lieutenants and above

  • Any nobility

Having a Passport in your inventory will make you exempt from these random searches.

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