A page detailing path conventions in Medieval Discord.

Paths are characters' career options within MD which will define their profession. By default, everyone starts off as a Citizen, and can they choose their Path by speaking to a path-specific NPC.

Commoner Path

Commoners are Artisans, Criminals, and Leisuremen. By default, every character will start off as a Citizen. If they decide they want to go down the Commoner Path, then they have three Routes to choose from:

Fame RouteInfamy RouteService Route

Clergy Path

The Clergy are members of the Catholic Church in Rosewood and are there to lead the religious of the City. Once in the Clergy, after leveling up, one may choose to progress down their preferred route:

Preachment RouteInquisition RouteMedicinal Route

Characters who are married cannot join the Clergy.

Military Path

Those in the Military Path may expect frequent combat. A person may choose between two options:

City Watch Route

Majesty Path

The Majesty Path is exclusive to the best Certified Members of the server, and represents the nobility, giving a character a certain gravitas and multiple IC responsibilities. This Path, above all, requires good knowledge of the conventions of the server, as well as some insight/interest in the Lore.

The Majesty Path is currently not available to players. It is being worked on and it is months away.

You have the ability to switch Paths by quitting them. However, once left, you may never return to them, so choose wisely and make the most of your chosen Path.

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