A page detailing the event of Surrender during Combat within Medieval Discord.

At any point during combat, either of the participants has the ability to yield/surrender by using the SURRENDER button. By surrendering to your opponent, the Bot will declare them the victor, and you the loser. Note that if you surrender, you will give your opponent the liberty to choose your fate. If you find yourself in the position of the victor, you will be presented with a number of buttons with which you may decide the loser's fate in a number of different ways which are:


If you choose the execute your surrendered opponent, your character will use the primary weapon they have equipped and will perform an instant execution, dropping their health to 0. The Bot will give them the Intermission role and will write out an execution reply IC. The executed character will then become lootable.

If you want to know more about looting, check out the Looting page for an in-depth explanation.


If you choose to knock out your surrendered opponent, your character will either use their equipped blunt weapon or a blunt part of their equipped weapon to render them unconscious, thus giving them the Unconscious role. Everything after this is identical to what happens when a character is knocked out naturally during combat. For more information, check out the Knock Out Page.


If you choose to bind your surrendered opponent, your character will use one Rope in their inventory and your opponent will instantly receive the Bound role. If you lack 1 Rope in your inventory, the bind option will not be available to you. After your opponent is bound, it follows the same rules as though they were bound outside of combat. For more information, check out the Binding Page.


If you choose to release your surrendered opponent, your character will let them leave without harm. They will lose the Surrendered role and combat is considered over. This is the polar opposite of Death and is usually the moral option.

When given the option to decide someone's fate, you have only 1 minute to choose. If you wait over 1 minute, the Bot will release your opponent automatically.

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