• {user} spends their time checking the needs of those who seem like they need it the most. There are a number of cranky individuals who make this process harder. They are all dealt with eventually.

  • Time flies as {user} tends to the wounds of some injured workers who got hurt during a construction project in the Fisher district.

  • Watchmen often visit the infirmary to have their sparring wounds looked at. {user} is always ready to help and spends some time taking care of a group of young Watchmen who got a bit carried away with their training.

  • {user} helps some of the elderly with their meals and any of their additional needs for the day.

  • {user} has a relatively traumatic experience cleaning an infected wound. The wounded man yells until he passes out. It's smooth sailing from there.

  • {user} calms some children down after they cause a decent-sized ruckus.

  • A pregnant woman and her husband surprise {user} by barging into the infirmary and requesting a midwife. {user} calms them down and directs them to someone else who can help.

  • A boy comes in with a near-invisible scrape on his knee. {user} rubs some water on it, pretending it's powerful medicine. The boy is happy and leaves after thanking them.

  • A woman has sprained her wrist after falling down. {user} helps to hold her down as the Medicus sets it right and applies a splint with a sling.

  • {user} helps a Blacksmith who has blackened his thumb with his hammer by cleaning the wound and bandaging it.

  • Regular Alm - {user} donates some buckles to the poor, earning them {amount} piety in return.

  • 10% Bonus Alm - {user} gives a good amount of their fortune in exchange for {amount} piety.

  • 20% Bonus Alm - In an altruistic show of compassion, {user} gives up a sizable part of their fortune to earn themselves {amount} piety.

  • 30% Bonus Alm - {user} gives most of their wealth to the poor of Rosewood, making sure their needs will be taken care of. For this, they amass {amount} piety.

  • 40% Bonus Alm - According to the model of Christ, {user} rids themselves of their material wealth to achieve spiritual fulfillment in the form of {amount} piety. They are the ideal of Christian charity.

  • Critical Fail - Digging into {victim}'s personal life has proven to be more of a chore than anything else. After a painstaking amount of time, {user} finally uncovers that they follow {religion}. This seems like enough to warrant an arrest. However, all this snooping around has alerted {victim}, meaning they are aware of this investigation.

  • Fail - {user} spends a decent amount of time researching {victim}, but their endeavors prove fruitless. Not only this but {victim} is alerted to the fact that they are under investigation.

  • No Change - All this effort, and yet {user} is unable to determine {victim}'s true religion. It seems like this investigation has hit a dead end.

  • Success - {user}'s investigation has led them to conclude that {victim} most likely believes in {religion}. However, there is no hard evidence, so an arrest would be premature. Further investigation is warranted, perhaps even a little chat.

  • Total Success - Countless moment of precise and focused research and investigation has led {user} to correctly deduce {victim}'s religion, which is {religion} without a shadow of a doubt. There is evidence, and therefore this person is to be arrested immediately by the French Inquisition. God help their soul.

  • Fail - Mass s held within the Cathedral. The people gathered are generally pleased with the way the words were delivered. The contents of the first liturgy are okay. However, come the second liturgy, {user} makes a critical blunder and spills the communion wine onto the floor. There is an audible gasp as the congregation is hushed by the other priests while {user} is ushered away; left alone to wallow in their regret. The feeling of cringe is palpable in the air, even hours after Mass.

  • No Change - {user} holds a regular Mass for the people of Rosewood. The Cathedral is relatively packed and a few hundred are gathered to listen to {user}. They command the crowd with relative ease, captivating them with their words and cadence, all the while drawing upon important morals from Scripture and other Biblical teachings. The Eucharist is distributed after {user} had consecrated the bread and the wine; the body and blood of Christ. Mass ends, and there is a feeling of a job well done that lingers with {user}.

  • Success - Rare is the occasion when a member of the clergy can move an entire congregation of over one thousand members. The gestures, the facial expressions, and the sheer passion with which the Liturgy of the Word is delivered brings out all sorts of emotions from repentance to zeal. Those in the pews stand up in respect, while those in the gallery circling the nave stand frozen in awe. No sound, but {user}'s voice travels throughout St. Leena's. The Eucharist is distributed as every member of the congregation flocks to {user}, signing the Cross and bowing their heads in admiration of their fantastic rhetoric. As Mass draws to an end, {user} feels like they have taken the right step in God's path for them.

  • Fail - As the sermon ends, the people of the congregation exchange a few disgruntled looks before hurling insults at {user}. Something that was said did not resonate with the people listening. In fact, it caused them to get angry. The message of the sermon is lost, and the people leave the cathedral, having heard enough for today. As the crowd disperses, {user} feels like they have failed in their mission, and sadness washes over them.

  • No Change - {user} delivers a sermon to a fine congregation. Their words, however, fall on deaf ears. It's not that they said something wrong. they simply lacked the spirit required to capture the crowd, so many leave the sermon completely indifferent. This causes {user} to doubt their abilities in general.

  • Success - As {user}'s sermon draws to a close, there is movement to be seen among the members of the congregation; their heads are bobbing up and down. Nods of approval, and people crossing themselves after being satisfied with the sermon, this is the sight unfolding before {user}. The people leave, and it seems like the message resonated with mostly everyone. {user} feels accomplished.

  • Total Success - {user} has such a command over the subtle structures which govern the French language that they are able to move the crowd to tears. The passion with which this sermon is delivered awakens deep feelings within most people listening. There is an aura of awe and Godfearing respect among this congregation. Were they able, the congregation would stay and listen to {user}'s preaching until the end of time. Alas, this sermon is over and the crowd reluctantly leaves. Some members of the flock approach {user} and ask for their blessing or for their advice on some trivial matters. Once everyone has left, {user} feels their hands and legs tremble with fear. Once the adrenaline has passed, they feel proud of themselves.

  • {user} arrives at a small village outside of Rosewood. The name of this quaint little place eludes them. Upon passing the threshold and dismounting, the Inquisitor General is mobbed by a rowdy crowd, dragging a woman by her elbows. After hearing her case; it being that she practises witchcraft and that she gave another woman a miscarriage, {user} orders her hanged. The young woman's neck is put through a noose and she is hoisted over a tree branch. The black bough does not waver as she twitches and thrashes but to no avail. Before long, she is dead. {user} and their posse return to Rosewood.

  • In a nearby homestead, there is a dispute between a local and a foreigner. {user} serves as a mediator, as it is uncovered that the foreigner is a gypsy who has wandered far from Rosewood. Seeing as he broke the law, and tried to swindle a Godfearing Catholic Frenchman, the gypsy is found guilty. The dark-skinned man bolts and tried to go for a horse. He is chased down and hanged for his crimes.

  • A fief in the Mayor's demesne calls out to {user} in suspicion that there are heretics among them. After a thorough search and investigation, eight women, and six men are brought to the center of the village, where they are tried and found guilty of following the Genesian heresy. Some beg for their lives, some beg for others, while some resign themselves to their fate. One by one, the heretics are hanged and order is restored.

  • Hurried footsteps sound throughout the lonely woods outside of Rosewood. Two pairs of feet carry their unfortunate bodies as they flee from their pursuers. A young boy and a young girl seek refuge among the sparse trees and high foliage which dominate the forest. There is no respite in these woods, and there is no rest for the sinful of France while {user} and their men lead a pursuing cavalry force into the forest after the couple. It doesn't take long before they are cut off and surrounded by the Inquisition. The man, a Jew, and a woman, a sinful Catholic, are found guilty of fornication and engaging in an unlawful marriage. Before they are taken back to be hanged, they try to run one last time, but {user} gives the order, and they are run down by the other riders.

  • The sun burns hot on {user}'s face while they listen to a village elder make excuses about why the tithe hasn't been delivered. His cries over the "drought" and the "famine" fall on deaf ears while {user} looks over their elegant attire, fine jewelry, and fat stomach. Every word is a drop, filling the proverbial goblet until the wine finally spills over. In a moment of rage, {user} makes an example of the elder by cutting him down in front of everybody. They then point to another man and appoint him as elder and demand the tithe be paid regularly, or another visit will be in order.

  • {user} spends a good chunk of their day transcribing an old text from Latin into the French language.

  • After days and days of combined effort, {user} is finally able to put the finishing touches on a Latin body of text.

  • {user} has some fun working on the illuminations of a new copy of the Bible.

  • {user} finally overcomes a large obstacle in translating a particularly difficult word into Latin.

  • Perhaps {user} doesn't transcribe a lot for this session, but they do resupply the scriptorium with the necessary stationery.

  • With {user}'s help, another scribe manages to finish their work earlier.

  • {user} restores a historical text from the Imperial Library.

  • {user} works on a single work for hours, but they are pleased with the outcome in the end.

  • After messing up a large chunk of the translation, {user} is forced to start the page over and finish it in an hour.

  • A bestiary page needs good illustrations, {user} is the first to help fill the pages with drawings of various animals.


  • For better or for worse, {culprit} is known throughout their gang to be the person responsible for causing this event. Some will hate them for it, others will consider it a step in the right direction.

  • {gang} have overstepped in their attempt to dominate this district. As the most powerful of their gang members move to assume complete control of an entire district from underneath the Captain's nose, they soon realize the price that comes with hubris. Key members of {gang} are ambushed by City Watch members in a precise and coordinated assault; likely aided by their rivals. This district is unburdened by {gang} for the moment as the majority of their members disperse and spill into the other districts, probably already planning a return.

  • Success

    • {user} maneuvers around the hierarchy of their gang to exploit the power they hold in this district to their personal benefit. They are able to shamelessly steal {amount} buckles from the people at the expense of their gang's influence and their trust.

    • {user} along with some of their buddies are able to abuse the power and influence of their gang's control over this district to extort the common folk for {amount} buckles. Their gang won't take kindly to this.

    • {gang} have been made aware that {user} used their position within the gang to extort the local populace for excess coin. In return for stealing {amount} buckles from them, {user} is now a target within their own gang.

  • Fail - Regular

    • While trying to squeeze a bit of extra coin from the people under their gang, {user} inadvertently gets involved with the City Watch. They are promptly arrested and taken to the dungeons where they will await their trial.

    • Thankfully for {gang}, a group of vigilant Watchmen spotted {user} trying to extort some innocent commoners within their territory. Rosewood's finest arrested and hauled them off to the dungeons to await trial.

    • {user} goes around their gang's territory and tries to abuse their gang's influence in the district. They are, however, met with staunch resistance as the commoners they tried to extort overpower them and take {user} to the Watch, who gladly arrest them and take them to the dungeon to simmer in before their trial.

Gang Dominance
  • {gang} have become the most powerful gang in Rosewood, controlling the majority of the most populous residential zones. They have become a thorn in the Mayor's side and will start to drain the City's resources as they attempt to bring them down. Meanwhile, {gang} will remain unopposed as the indisputable rulers of Rosewood's criminal underbelly.

Gang War
  • {gang} have recently become too bold in their attempt to seize power within Rosewood. Their influence has grown to encompass most of the residential zones of the Capital. This has made them extremely wealthy and powerful. However, they are spread too thin, so various crimelords have risen to the occasion and have decided to carve up the gang's territory for their own selfish gain. This has caused a short, but largescale conflict to erupt in most of the City, taking the lives of many and drastically shifting the political landscape of Rosewood's underworld. As the dust settles, the tables have turned and the Capital is ripe for new powers to fill the vacuum left behind by {gang}.

  • Success

    • {user} scours the forest for signs of an outlaw duo they've been tracking for days. As luck would have it, they meet a pair walking through the woods, attempting to be unseen. {user} gets the jump on them and slays one, the other unsheathes his blade in shock but is unable to match {user} in their skill. They both end up dead, and {user} collects the proof they need.

    • While on the highroad, {user} has a chance encounter with another fellow who wishes them a good day. Recalling an earlier memory, {user} remembers that this person has a bounty on their head. {user} goes after the man, spins him around, and confirms his identity; especially after the man begged for his life. Business is business, so {user} takes out their blade and cuts the man down, retrieving proof of the bounty being completed.

    • During one of their searches, {user} follows a hot trail to a lit campfire in the forest. There is just one man there, fitting the description of a local outlaw. {user} stalks him until the sun goes down, and then descends upon his camp, slitting his throat as he slept. Proof is collected, and {user} is on their way again in no time.

    • {user} tracks one of the men they've been chasing for aa few days now. They meet on the road. The ensuing fight ends in {user}'s favor. The outlaw is dead and the headhunter collects their proof.

    • On one occasion, {user} discovers a caravan that's being held up by a lone bandit. They sneak up from behind the man and attack them, killing them instantly. The merchants are grateful and {user} collects the proof they need.

  • Fail - Regular

    • {user} encounters a group of bandits on the open road. The bunch begins harassing them, circling the lone headhunter. When they realize what they do for a living, the bandits draw their blades and engage the headhunter. The bandits outnumber them four to one, so the headhunter is beaten. As {user} lies wounded on the ground, fearing the finishing blow that is about to come, a group of voices starts shouting their way. The bandits are spooked and they scatter.

    • {user} encounters an outlaw they've been pursuing for the past few days. The outlaw is wise to who {user} is, so he immediately draws his blade and engages them in a duel. The two battle it out, but {user} ends up bested. The outlaw can do whatever he wants, and there is no one around to help {user}. The outlaw, however, sheathes his blade and walks off. He chose mercy for some reason.

    • Unfortunately, {user} is outmatched by a particularly skilled outlaw. However, this one shows honor and decides to spare their life. Afterward, the outlaw disappears into the woods.

  • Fail - Maim

    • During one of their battles with a group of bandits, {user} is wounded pretty badly, but left alive. Unfortunately, this is not the type of wound one can just walk off. It will leave a permanent mark.

  • Fail - Death

    • {user} spots a group of fellow headhunters engaged in a fierce battle in the woods versus what seems to be a bandit brotherhood. {user} joins in to help. However, a few moments into the fray, {user} is struck in the neck by an arrow. {user} falls to their knees, clutching the arrow, as they lose consciousness.

    • While engaged in a duel with a former Imperial, a well-known outlaw, {user} slips up and fails to defend against one of his strikes. The sharp and cool pain of a sword tearing flesh shoots through their body, as {user} falls to the ground, defeated and dead.

    • {user}'s pride gets the better of them and they engage a skilled outlaw in combat. She is too fast and nimble for the headhunter. {user} gets a slash in their neck and falls to the ground lifeless.

  • Fail - Capture

    • After one of their usual fights, {user} comes out victorious. However, some rustling in the nearby bush indicates a large group approaching. Before {user} can ever react, they are overwhelmed by a group of bandits who capture them and hold them for ransom.

    • {user}'s usual trek through the woods is cut short by a dull pain hitting the back of their head. Darkness overtakes them. When {user} comes to, they realize they have been attacked, robbed, and are being held for ransom.

  • Success - NPC

    • {user} successfully sneaks around and lifts {amount} buckles from an unsuspecting passer-by.

    • As a citizen takes some time off to regain their energy, {user} is able to snatch their coin purse, earning themselves a cool {amount} buckles.

    • {user} casually bumps into a merchant on their way to the market. After exchanging some choice words, the two go their separate ways. However, the merchant would only later realize that {amount} buckles are missing from his purse.

  • Fail - NPC

    • A Watchman catches {user} red-handed, knuckle-deep in some woman's coin purse. They are fined {amount} buckles and released.

    • An elaborate plan to lift a bunch of coin from a lesser noble ends up backfiring for {user}, costing them {amount} buckles.

    • {user} learns the hard way that pickpocketing a well-guarded merchant is not the best idea. In exchange for keeping their finger, {user} loses {amount} buckles.

    • After seeing a man sit down to enjoy the shade, {user} casually strolls by and snatches {amount} buckles while he is distracted.

    • While attempting to pickpocket a commoner, {user} is found out and finned {amount} buckles by the Watch.

  • Success - PC

    • {user} quietly approaches {victim} and opens their coin purse, takes {amount} buckles out, stashes it in their purse, and leaves before {victim} ever realizes they were robbed. By the time they figure out what happened, {user} will be long gone.

    • {user} successfully takes {amount} buckles from {victim}'s purse. They quickly retreat into the shadows and revel in their victory.

  • Success - Item

    • After stalking them and looking at what they were carrying, {user} manages to slowly approach {victim} and lift their {item} from their inventory. {user} escapes unseen and {victim} is none the wiser.

    • {user} tiptoes around {victim} and stealthily steals their {item}. They walk away as if nothing happened and continue about their day.

  • Fail - PC

    • {user} gets too cocky and alerts {victim} that they are trying to pickpocket them. Before {user} has time to react, the Watch is upon them. They are arrested and taken to the dungeons.

    • fingerTeleport - {user} is thrown into a cell in the dungeons. Not too long after the gravity of what they did had sunk in, a pair of guards heat a blade and chop one of their fingers off. After paying the price, {user} is free to leave the dungeons.

    • brand - {user} is found guilty of larceny for the fourth time. As tradition demands, they are branded as an Outlaw and exiled from Rosewood. {user} is taken out of the dungeons and carried off into the forest where they are left to fend for themselves.

    • brandTeleport - {user} is banished from Rosewood into the #forest and they are forbidden from returning to the City. As an Outlaw, they are no longer free and can be killed by anyone or arrested if they are ever found in or around Rosewood again.

    • outlaw - {user} fails to pickpocket {victim}.

    • outlawTeleport - {user} is brought into the dungeons and bound by the guards. They can't move. They can only wait to be tried.

  • Fail - Item

    • {user} messes up and alerts {victim} that they are trying to rob them. Before {user} has time to react, the Watch is upon them. They are arrested and taken to the dungeons.

    • fingerTeleport - {user} is thrown into a cell in the dungeons. Not too long after the gravity of what they did had sunk in, a pair of guards heat a blade and chop one of their fingers off. After paying the price, {user} is free to leave the dungeons.

    • brand - {user} is found guilty of larceny for the fourth time. As tradition demands, they are branded as an Outlaw and exiled from Rosewood. {user} is taken out of the dungeons and carried off into the forest where they are left to fend for themselves.

    • brandTeleport - {user} is banished from Rosewood into the #forest and they are forbidden from returning to the City. As an Outlaw, they are no longer free and can be killed by anyone or arrested if they are ever found in or around Rosewood again.

    • outlaw - {user} fails to steal {victim}'s {item}.

    • outlawTeleport - {user} is brought into the dungeons and bound by the guards. They can't move. They can only wait to be tried.

  • Bar reply

    • {user}'s strumming earns them an excited applause from the Tavern's patrons, as well as {amount} buckles.

    • The jovial atmosphere of the Tavern is made even more lively by {user}'s music. For this, they are rewarded with {amount} buckles.

    • As {user} starts to play their tune, the whole Tavern joins in and sings along, some people banging the tables in the same rhythm. After the show, {user} manages to earn {amount} buckles.

  • Outside reply

    • {user}'s playing touches the hearts of some passers-by. In turn, they give them {amount} buckles.

    • Some people listening are enthralled by the way {user} plays their songs. They reward them with {amount}.

    • Few songs have the ability to arrest the senses, but {user} is able to pull it off. For this, they receive {amount} buckles.

    • {user} manages to earn {amount} buckles from passing strangers by playing the lute.

  • Success - Market

    • After having their stand threatened by {user}, a lowly fruit merchant yields and pays {amount} buckles.

    • A tailor finds it hard to learn what "protection" means. Luckily, {user} is a good teacher and manages to explain the concept by breaking no more than three fingers. The tailor repays them with {amount} buckles.

    • Despite working with wood for most of his life, one carpenter seemed to have forgotten the difficult relationship wood has with fire. {user} reminds him and is rewarded with {amount} buckles for their kindness.

  • Success - Residential

    • Accidents happen all the time. People get hurt and disappear regularly, especially in a city as big as Rosewood. That's why they keep paying {user} {amount} buckles to remind them.

  • Fail - Regular

    • It's best to threaten someone that doesn't boast an extended family of over 30 people. It's even better if that extended family isn't ready to break someone's limbs for each other. This is a lesson {user} had to learn the hard way.

    • A fisherman agrees to pay you protection money. The nearby guards disagree. When words fail to settle this dispute, {user} resorts to their fists. They also lose.

    • Attempting to threaten another gang member often yields poor results. {user} won't be forgetting this painful fact anytime soon.

  • Fail - Maim

    • As {user} pushed a blacksmith around in their forge, they notice he was about to budge. Just as he's handing over the protection money, {user} feels a sharp pain in their right knee that forces them to the ground. The blacksmith's wife didn't take kindly to them trying to extort her husband.

  • Fail - Death

    • A supposedly easy job quickly devolves into a frenzy with {user} and their gang fighting multiple people at once. In the chaos, {user} is stabbed in the back a couple of times and falls to the ground, lifeless.

  • Success - Coin

    • {user} spends some time stalking the woods outside Rosewood, waiting for a lonely merchant to travel by. As soon as an opportunity like this surfaces, {user} jumps out and robs the merchant for {amount} buckles.

    • {user} teaches a group of merchants that investing in armed escorts is a wise move. They part with their {amount} buckles in exchange for their lives.

    • Only God may judge the value of life, but bandits do similar things. This time, the life of a lonely traveler is worth {amount} buckles.

    • {user} once again proves that any road save for the High Road is too dangerous to travel alone. They rob a traveler of their {amount} buckles and then fade away into the thick Rosewood forest.

  • Success - Shipment

    • As a merchant begins to flee from {user}, they end up dropping some of his cargo. It likely contains valuable goods.

    • Unable to pay {user} in exchange for their well-being, the merchant offers one of his shipments as a substitute. The deal is fair.

  • Fail - Initiated

    • {user} fails to threaten a group of merchants who turn hostile when they realize they can overpower them. They start to chase as {user} runs for their lives.

    • A group of watchmen spot {user} skulking around. They run and a chase ensues.

    • As {user} is about to rob a merchant, a patrol comes through, forcing them to run and begin a chase.

  • Escape - On foot

    • {user} manages to evade their captors and loses them in the dense Rosewood forest.

  • Escape - By horse

    • Luckily, {user} has their horse with them. The trusty steed carries them off to safety, far away from the eyes of the law.

  • Caught

    • {user} just wasn't quick enough to escape their pursuers. They are handed over to the watch and imprisoned in the dungeons.

    • Dungeon reply - {user} is thrown into the dungeons where they will await their trial in solitude.




  • On Cooldown

    • {user} is not thirsty at the moment.

    • {user} can't drink anything right now.

    • {user} thinks about having a drink, but they are not parched enough.

  • Not on Cooldown

    • {user} drinks {drink}.

    • {user} sips up their {drink}.

    • {user} downs some {drink}.

  • On Cooldown

    • {user} is unable to eat {food} because they are full for the moment.

    • {user} and their stomach cannot bear any more food at this time.

    • One more bite and {user} would come undone.

  • Not on Cooldown

    • {user} gladly eats {food}.

    • {user} ingests {food}.

    • {user} munches on some {food}.

    • {user} snacks on a bit of {food}.

    • {user} feeds themselves {food}.

  • Self Heal

    • {user) heals their wounds to the best of their ability.

  • Heal Other

    • {user} attempts to treat {target}'s wounds and help relieve their pain.

  • Medicus Multiple Heal

    • {user} uses their medical expertise to heal both {targets}.

    • {user} uses their medical expertise to heal {targets}.

  • Cooldown

    • Despite trying to get comfortable, {user} just isn't tired enough to fall asleep again.

    • It's too soon to go to sleep, so {user} decides to stay away for a while longer.

    • {user} tosses and turns, but is ultimately unable to fall asleep.

    • {user} feels restless and therefore can't sleep yet.

    • {user}, for some odd reason, doesn't feel the need to sleep right now.

    • {user} lays down but realizes that they are not sleepy yet.

  • Not on Cooldown

    • {user} lays down and eventually falls asleep.

    • Feeling drowsy, {user} lies down and quickly goes to sleep.

    • {user} closes their eyes and drifts off to dreamland.

Wake up
  • No Sleep

    • {user} decides to get up despite getting little to no sleep.

    • After tossing and turning, {user} realizes they can't sleep so they get up.

  • 2h Sleep

    • {user} wakes up from their nap feeling a little better.

  • 4h Sleep

    • {user} wakes up feeling refreshed.

  • 6h Sleep

    • {user} wakes up from their sleep feeling well-rested and energetic.

  • 8h Sleep

    • After a perfect eight-hour sleep, {user} wakes up as healthy and energetic as can be.

  • Overslept

    • {user} wakes up from their slumber feeling exhausted and more sluggish than usual. They must have slept for too long.

  • The City Watch pays {user} {amount} buckles to fetch some equipment from the other side of Rosewood.

  • While looking for work, {user} manages to trip a thief. The merchant he stole from rewards {user} with {amount} buckles.

  • A noblewoman bearing the Fisher colors pays {user} {amount} buckles to deliver a letter to one of her relatives in the City.

  • Some tavern workers ask {user} for their help in loading some barrels onto a cart. They pay them {amount} buckles.

  • {user} stops and brings back an escaped pig to its owner nearby. For their service, they are given {amount} buckles.

  • A merchant setting off for a long voyage hires {user} to load some of his cargo. In exchange, they are paid {amount} buckles.

  • {user} helps out a carpenter fix up a derelict home nearby for {amount} buckles.

  • {user} comes across {amount} buckles on the ground. Nice.

  • A tailor pays {user} {amount} buckles for helping her carry some linen to her shop.

  • One of the Mayor's servants hires {user} to wash their dishes for an upcoming feast. They are paid {amount} buckles.

  • {user} is hired alongside a dozen others to pick out clay ingredients along the banks of the Seyne outside Rosewood. The stuff they bring back earns them {amount} buckles.

  • An important announcement is given to {user} to be voiced in the main square. Serving as the Mayor's herald earns them {amount} buckles.

  • The King has organized a small-scale clearing of the City walls of overgrowth. {user} is among the few paid {amount} buckles to remove the plants attempting to take over the walls.

  • {user} works alongside a couple of bathhouse workers to warm and carry water to the establishment. They are paid {amount} buckles.

  • {user} is hired to boil water from the Seyne and bring it to Fort Fisher for {amount} buckles.

  • The Fisher District needs some cesspits dug out and {user} is paid {amount} buckles to dig them.

  • A husbander pays {user} {amount} buckles to watch their pigs for a few hours.

  • {user} is hired by a barber to help clean out the hair cut that day and burn it for {amount} buckles.

  • A blacksmith asks {user} to help him load some tools that were sold to the people of Frey onto a cart. {user} is paid {amount} buckles for their trouble.

  • A bathhouse worker asks {user} to accompany her to her home in fear of being followed by some unsavory types. She thanks them for their help and gives them {amount} buckles before leaving.

  • {user} helps out a shopkeeper, and he pays them {amount} buckles for their kindness.

  • {user} catches someone trying to pickpocket a merchant; he feels generous and tosses them {amount} buckles.

  • {user} helps a trader load her cargo into a cart, so she pays them {amount} buckles back for their help.

  • {user} catches a chicken on the run; its owner thanks them and gives them {amount} buckles.

  • {user} assists a blacksmith by carrying a load of iron, and the blacksmith rewards them with {amount} buckles for their hard work.

  • {user} aids a carpenter in transporting lumber, earning {amount} buckles as a sign of gratitude.

  • {user} lends a hand to a farmer, helping carry some produce, and they're rewarded with {amount} buckles for their assistance.

  • {user} assists a cobbler in transporting shoe leather and receives {amount} buckles in return for their effort.

  • {user} helps a hunter carry a load of game to her shop, and she rewards them with {amount} buckles.

  • {user} lends a hand to a fletcher, organizing arrows, and the fletcher pays them {amount} buckles for their help.

  • {user} aids a mine worker in picking up some spilled ores and they're given {amount} buckles as a token of gratitude.

  • {user} assists a tanner in preparing hides and the tanner rewards them with {amount} buckles for their hard work.

  • {user} helps a butcher by sharpening his cleavers and the butcher pays them {amount} buckles as a show of thanks.

  • {user} helps an elderly vendor set up his stall, and the vendor gives them {amount} buckles for their help.

  • While passing by, {user} offers to carry a load for a mother of three and receives {amount} buckles.

  • {user} shoos a beggar away and is rewarded with {amount} buckles by a shopkeeper.

  • {user} helps a group of minstrels set up their instruments, and they toss them {amount} buckles for their kindness.

  • {user} aids a street performer in drawing a crowd and they're given {amount} buckles.

  • A merchant's cart breaks down, and {user} lends a hand to fix the wheel; the merchant rewards them with {amount} buckles.

  • While at a well, {user} helps several pilgrims draw water and they receive {amount} buckles from the pilgrims.

  • {user} finds a lost child in the bustling marketplace and helps reunite him with his father, who gives them {amount} buckles.


Armorer/Werewolf/Mariner General
  • Greeting phrase - Hello there. What do you want?

  • Bounty reply - Which bounty do you want canceled?

    • Bounty canceled - Consider it done. See you around, kid.

  • Heal reply - I got you, kid. Come back whenever you get into another fight.

    • Not enough money - I'm not running a charity, kid. Come back when you have the coin.

  • Contraband reply - It isn't much, but here's your {amount} buckles, kid. Now scram!

  • Bribe reply - I can do it, but it'll cost you.

    • Bribe chosen - It's taken care of. Run along now.

    • Not enough money - You think I do these jobs for free? If you want charity, go to the church.

  • Goodbye reply - Mhm...

  • Tess reply - A Tess? It's not free, but here you go. You didn't get it from me, you hear?

  • Information request

    • I can do that, for a price. Who are we talking about?

  • What's your story?

    • There's not much of a story to tell. Life isn't fair, you get screwed by fate, and now you're in a gang. I don't know if I'm talking about you or me. Huh...

  • So who's the boss around here?

    • What kind of a stupid question is that? No one can rule the clan.

  • Travel request

    • Fast is what I do. Where do you want to go?

  • What's your story?

    • Listen, in this city, it's hunt or be hunted. You have to choose whether you want to live as a sheep or die a wolf. Let's just say no one cares for the poor in Rosewood. If you want something, you have to take it. That's how I got here...

  • So who's the boss around here?

    • The strongest. That, however, changes from day to day. Maybe you'll be the boss one day. I doubt it.

  • Improvement request

    • I understand what you mean. Let's see what we can do.

  • What's your story?

    • It's a short life. Why not live it to the fullest? Damn the law, neither king nor god may tame this beast. Mine is a story of adventure lust.

  • So who's the boss around here?

    • Who dares, wins. There is no one boss. The best among us lead. Live up to their example, will you?

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