The Bank of Rosewood offers to store the monetary wealth of a number of its citizens in exchange for a monthly tax based on the amount stored. The taxmen of Rosewood often work closely with the banks to ensure that every citizen is keeping up with their taxes.

Another way the bank makes money is by lending to the citizenry. The Bank of Rosewood employs a good number of Jewish bankers who are permitted to charge interest on the loans given out.

Those who do not have at least 25 buckles in their account, cannot take out a loan!

By using the money command and pressing the LOANS button you, are able to open up the loan menu. Here, you can press the BORROW button, after which you will be given the option of choosing how large a loan you will take. It can be a few sums between 50-2000 buckles. Depending on the amount, you will have a different time to pay it all back and a different interest rate. You will also receive the Debtor role.

You may also press the INFO button to check the following data about your debt:

  • When it was taken out

  • The original sum

  • How much you owe

  • The date by which the debt must be paid

You can always press the REPAY button and instantly pay back the money you owe to the bank. You must do this before the repayment date.

You can't take out more loans if you already have one. Additionally, after paying back your debt, you won't be able to take out a new loan for seven days!

Your debt is calculated instantly upon taking out a loan. It consists of the amount you took out, plus interest, plus the time required to pay it back. This is what you need to consider:

AmountInterest rateDue date



3 days



5 days



7 days



14 days

Defaulting your Debt

If you fail to repay your debt on time you will automatically forfeit it, meaning you will be charged 100% of what you owe, regardless of whether you have enough in your account (your balance will go negative if necessary). In addition to this, you will receive the Insolvent role, marking you as someone unable to pay their debts, forever barring you from taking any new loans from the Bank. If you default on a debt that is 1000 buckles or more, you will also receive the AOS role, meaning that members of the Watch will arrest you on sight and that travel in and out of Rosewood will be considerably more difficult.

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