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A page detailing the Bard role within Medieval Discord and their play command.


Bards are the musically gifted citizens of Rosewood who have been hired by the Innkeeper to perform on behalf of Nan Nicole's Tavern. They go around the City and play their songs in key areas to attract listeners, gain money for themselves, and increase the Tavern's reputation. These are people who have been taught how to play an instrument and/or sing. They either had a mentor or they taught themselves. Bards are typically loved by every common person in the Capital. Sometimes nobles might have problems with them, depending on the contents of their songs.



#shops | #main_square | #great_hall |#bar |#main_hall

Your character plays a song and receives some buckles for it. You can use this command with other players when roleplaying and they can give you extra coin for playing songs.

In order to play in the #bar text channel, you have to be hired as a Bard by the Innkeeper. The innkeeper can use the hire command on you and you'll be officially hired as the Tavern's Bard. You don't level up as a Bard but for every 10xp, your income for each playing increases by 1 buckle. This upgrade is permanent.

  • Income:

    • #great_hall | #bar: 7-11 buckles

    • #shops | #main_sqare: 1-5 buckles

  • Minimum Stamina: 10%

    • Stamina cost: 10

  • XP Reward: 3xp

    • Cooldown: 24h

    • 0-1xp while on CD

Playing in the #bar text channel grants you more buckles.

In-depth guide

If you are a bard without an instrument, your priority should be to get something to play music with. Once you're ready to play, the best way to reach popularity is to simply use the command as much as possible. By playing to more people, you might eventually get noticed by nobility and get invited to a feast where you will earn a lot of buckles for playing. Otherwise, playing in the Tavern is always a good option.

Staying on everyone's good side is important. If you plan on writing mocking songs, you have to make sure you have a powerful patron who will protect you or you should at least be famous enough to make it difficult for people to target you. Pick and choose your battles carefully.

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