Game Masters (GMs)

Game Masters, or GMs, are Staff Members who have the ability to create, moderate, and execute smaller-scale events in and around Rosewood with Certified Member Candidates and above.

Only staff members may become Game Masters!

GM Guidelines

  1. To RP with a Game Master (GM), you must ping the GM role.

  2. You should have an idea of what you want to do in the GM. Don't ping the role for RP prompts from Staff. The GMs only help you carry out your RP.

  3. The only alternative to 2. is when GMs have their own event ideas they want to realize and actively seek out other users. In this case, you don't need to have a preplanned event in mind.

  4. GMs can create NPCs using TupperBox. These NPCs cannot be influential characters, so they are capped at Priest, High Inquisitor, Medicus for the Clergy, Officer for the Military, and Knight for Majesty. (If you are unsure, it's best to ask Alexander/afrozenforest!)

  5. PTK (Permission-to-Kill) is OFF by default in GMs, meaning GMs cannot kill characters through events without the explicit consent of the user. Everything else goes.

  6. Certain events are impossible to do without PTK. GMs reserve the right to decline hosting events like these and others alike. Having PTK on will earn greater rewards and enable GMs to do better events. Consider what you want before pinging a GM.

  7. Events hosted by GMs can, to an extent, become lore-changing. However, the primary purpose of a GM event should be fun, character development, and immersion. Don't ping GMs with the intent to start a lore-changing event. For this, check Interworld.

  8. GM events can only take place within preexisting channels.

  9. GM events can go on for however long the GM and user want. However, once started, an event must end.

  10. GMs and users are subject to stricter moderation than usual when in an event β€” breaking any rules while in an event may result in harsher punishments.


For events, we use the TupperBox bot and its ability to create mock accounts with custom names and profile pictures, allowing for greater immersion.

If you are a user, you don't need to concern yourself with how TupperBox works. However, if you are a GM, read the guide. If you have any additional questions, ask Alexander/afrozenforest.

Roll Command

r!roll <2-100>

With the roll command, any player can roll a die ranging from 2 to 100. This mechanic is also used for Interworld events. It is used when a GM or the Interworld needs to account for multiple factors based on probability.

Using this command outside of GMs/Interworld is not allowed!

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