Ideally, when someone is lying you should use evidence and reasoning to uncover their lies. However, that will not always be possible. When you are unable to prove someone is lying by conventional means, you can apply your insight to try and gauge whether what they're saying is true or false based on their tone of voice and their body language.

r!insight <@user>

By using this command, you will test the previous statement of the person mentioned. This can only be done while having a dialogue with the person you've targeted.

Insight modifiers:

  • (+)User's INT: int

  • (+)User's Age:

    • Teenage: 0

    • Young: 1

    • Middle-Age: 2

    • Old: 3

    • Elder: 4

  • (-)User is under the influence:

    • Tipsy: 1

    • Drunk: 2

    • Wasted: 5

  • (-)Target's CHR: chr

  • (-)Target's Role:

    • Paragon/Grandmaster: 1

    • Clergy: 3

    • City Watch: 2

    • Majesty: 4

  • (+)Target is under the influence:

    • Tipsy: 1

    • Drunk: 2

    • Wasted: 5

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-5

Success/Fail results:

  • Fail [<1]: You are unable to tell whether they are telling the truth.

  • Success [>0]: The person you targeted will be DM-ed by the bot and must answer whether their statement was true or false.

    • If it is true: You feel like they're telling you the truth.

    • If it is false: You are certain that they are lying to you.

You will be DM-ed by the bot whether the target's statement was true or not.

Lying to the bot is MetaRP!

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