Preachment Route

Like every other Clergy route, the Preachment route relies on its users earning piety to progress. Specifically, Preachment is supposed to spread the word of God to the people of Rosewood.

They have a unique position of holding authority over the people in matters of morality and faith. Some liberties have been taken in terms of historical accuracy in order to provide everyone a meaningful and inclusive RP experience. Nevertheless, the Preachment route is supposed to guide and teach the Christian faithful of Rosewood.

Joining the Preachment Route

To join the preachment route, you must talk to the Pastor NPC in the #cathedral and spend the appropriate amount of Piety which scales with the amount of currently active players in each route.

Base cost: 50 piety

If there is a lack of players in the Preachment route, the base cost will go down automatically. The opposite applies if there are too many players in the route, meaning, the price increases.

Preachment Route Ranks

Deacon πŸ“ΏPriest πŸ™Archbishop β›ͺ

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