A page detailing gender conventions in Medieval Discord.

1. Characters can only be male or female

While people today can identify with many genders, gender theory wasn't even a distant concept in the 13th century. Therefore, in order to uphold medieval realism, we enforce the choice between the two binary sexes, male and female; male being related to men, and female related to women. For the purposes of RP, gender and sex are the same. This, of course, doesn't reflect the views of the server in real life.

2. Gender characteristics

While men and women typically had very precise roles in society that were determined by their gender, in MD we both recognize this, but try to provide enough freedom for people to experience the breadth of what Medieval Discord has to offer regardless of their sex. As such, gender roles remain. However, within Rosewood, the Capital of the Kingdom of France and the setting for MD's RP, women are on equal footing as men. Some discrepancies still exist, like within the Church, but the overall public perception is that there is no reason to belittle the other half of the population for something as trivial as their sex.

Choosing anything except Male or Female will result in an error.

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