Residential Districts have burhs within themselves. These burhs are where characters have their homes. Homes allow characters to sleep and store precious items.

Housing Levels

When users create their character, depending on the wealth of their district, they will be assigned a home that has a corresponding level of improvement. With the help of Carpenters, homes can be repaired and improved upon.

Physical Descriptions:

For additional information, check out the Homes section in the Overview of the City of Rosewood.

Limits and Moving


Districts, according to the City Region they belong to, will have a maximum improvement cap. The first two districts, those in the City Proper, can hold Perfected Homes, however, the other districts are capped at Enhanced II Homes. There is a way to move from one district to another.

Rich members of society can use the change-residence command in order to move to a City Proper district. It is however extremely costly (5000 buckles). By doing so, your storage will be transferred, as will your Housing Level. Once in either the First or Second District, you may continue to improve your Housing Level further.

Once married, the couple will not keep both homes. Instead, the spouse with the less valuable Home will be transferred to the wealthier spouse's residence. If they are of the same Level, then the wife will be moved to her husband's home.

If the City Proper districts contain more than 50% of the total player-character population, you will not be able to change your residence to them!

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