r!sleep | r!awaken

Upon creating a Character, they will be randomly assigned to one of the five available districts within Rosewood (ranging from I to V). Within that district, they will also be given a (burh). In there, they will have the option of using the sleep command.

When sleep is used in your residential area, or alternatively, in another channel that has sleep enabled, you will be given the Resting role, and your Character will be put to sleep. Once asleep, you will have access to the #dream_land channel where dreams can be written out.

To wake up, you must use the awaken command in the channel where you fell asleep. The bot will not let you use this command in any other channel. The sleep mechanic can be used once every 16h, in order to avoid spamming. This cooldown is regardless of the duration of your sleep. Depending on the duration, however, you will regenerate different amounts of HP and Stamina.

  • Between 1-3 Hours

    • Regenerate 5% of Max HP, and 25% of Max Stamina

  • Between 3-5 Hours

    • Regenerate 10% of Max HP, and 60% of Max Stamina

  • Between 5-7 Hours

    • Regenerate 25% of Max HP, and 100% of Max Stamina

  • Between 7-9 Hours

    • Regenerate 50% of Max HP, and 100% of Max Stamina

  • 9 Hours or more

    • Regenerate 50% of Max HP, and 80% of Max Stamina

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