A page detailing age conventions in Medieval Discord.

Characters in MD can be grouped into certain age groups:

  1. Teenage (16-19)

  2. Young (20-30)

  3. Middle-Age (31-45)

  4. Old (46-50)

  5. Elder (51-60)

1. Not too young, not too old

Not allowing people to pick characters below 16 or above 60 was a conscious choice. Firstly due to the fact that in medieval times the average age for commoners was around 30, with those reaching that age being able to expect 20 more years. As a result most of the population was young. Regardless, the people of medieval France did not see themselves as young, in fact, boys reached manhood as early as 13-14, with girls reaching womanhood even earlier depending on their menstruation. As soon as one could be a productive member of their society, they were considered legal citizens. So long as they were physically dependent on their parents, they were seen as children. People who reached their elder years were considered important and wise since they made up the smallest percentage of the population, and especially since most knowledge and traditions were orally transmitted, they were seen as invaluable for their historical and cultural insight. 16 is an ideal age since it is far enough away from the age of maturity of the Middle Ages, while still close enough to our own concept of maturity, to bridge the conceptual gap between RP and real life. 16 is the age when most young people would venture away from the home and try to make a name for themselves. 60 is enough since it offers plenty of breathing room for those who want elder RP, while we still maintain realism, even going over the average age of 50, by claiming Rosewood's influence on the lifespan of its citizens. As it's the Capital, and a center for innovation, especially medicine, more people get to live to see their late years.

2. Impact on RP

Picking your age has more nuance now. Before VEA, picking your age was simply a matter of preference. However, now your age has an actual impact on your RP as it affects your carry weight and max health. The younger you are, the higher your vitality basically so the better you can perform your daily tasks and participate in combat. There are many more instances where age plays a role like in clergy for example, where the leveling system favours older characters. Choose carefully!

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