A page detailing the Picket role within Medieval Discord and their patrol command.


Pickets are members of the Watch who have proven to be worthy of joining. This rank is their first step into the duties of a true Guard. For the duration of being a Picket, a character does not hold true authority over other citizens. They may advise them against something, they may report issues to their superiors, and they may intervene to stop a crime, but they may not investigate or make arrests on their own. Instead, Pickets are meant to observe and uphold the peace by their presence.

  • Weekly Paycheck: 7 coin

  • Rank-up Requirement: 3 days

  • Rank-up Rewards: Watch Uniform



#any residential channel

Used by Watch members to reduce the overall gang control points in a district and earn XP.

  • Necessary tool: Uniform

    • Location: Outfit slot

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 12

  • Control Points Reduction: (Watch Rank) + (Combat Level) + (Random Dice 1-5)

    • Watch Rank Impact:

      • Picket & Guard: 1

      • Sergeant & Officer: 2

      • Lieutenant & Captain: 3

      • Bailiff: 4

    • Combat Level Impact:

      • 0-2: 0

      • 3-4: 1

      • 5-6: 2

      • 7-8: 3

      • 9-10: 6

  • Command Cooldown: 4h

  • XP Reward:

    • If the strongest gang in the district has <20 control points: 1

    • If the strongest gang in the district has >19 control points: 3-5

  • Coin Reward:

    • If the strongest gang in the district has control: =Control Point Reduction

The Control Point Reduction will be randomly distributed across all three gangs. However, there will be no case where two or one gang loses Control Points, while one or two remain unscathed. During each use of the patrol command, each gang's control points will suffer at least one damage.

In-depth guide:

Since Pickets can't arrest others for their crimes, they should work closely with Watch members that have access to the arrest command. Pickets are given access to military xp and earn it by using patrol. Although you cannot arrest other characters, you have the option to enter into combat with them and eventually bind them, while you wait for them to be arrested.

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