Knock Out

A page detailing the event of a Knock Out during Combat within Medieval Discord.

During combat, there are multiple ways a character might lose consciousness. When they do, the instance of combat is terminated and the conscious character is deemed the victor. Once unconscious, a character gets the Unconscious role and they become lootable.

If you want to know more about looting, check out the Looting page for an in-depth explanation.

A character will get Knocked Out during combat if:

  • Their health drops below 6, but they do not die.

  • If their attacker scores a positive maim roll while using a blunt weapon.

  • If you surrender and the attacker chooses to knock you out.

A character may regain consciousness by using the wake-up command 10 minutes after they were Knocked Out. They may not use it before 10 minutes but can wait however long they want after the minimum time has passed. When they wake up, their HP and Stamina will be set to 20% of their max values.

Attacking an Unconscious character will instantly kill them!

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