Offensive Rolls

A page detailing the Attack, Damage, Critical, and Maim rolls within Medieval Discord.

Attack Roll


The Attack Roll determines whether the attacker is able to break through the defender's defenses and inflict damage on them. It is also the only roll that has to be initiated by a command. For a list of attacks, visit Attack Commands!


  • (+)Attacker's Strength: str

  • (+)Weapon's Corresponding Stat: s/t/b

  • (+)Attacker's Combat LVL: lvl

  • Attack Roll Modifier: arm

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-5

If the Attack Roll is lower than the Defense Roll, the attack is considered to have failed and the turn passes to the previous defender without any damage application.

Damage Roll


The Damage Roll rolling means the attack was successful. This roll determines how much damage will be inflicted on the defender if the attack lands.


  • (+)Attacker's Strength: str

  • (+)Weapon's Damage: dmg

  • (+)Attacker's Combat LVL: lvl

  • Damage Roll Modifier: drm

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-3

The following are applied after the variables, and in this order:

  • (+)Cavalry Damage Modifier: cdm%

  • (-)Defender's Armor Damage Reduction: dmg%

  • (-)Defender's Shield Damage Reduction: dmg%

If you're unfamiliar with mounted combat, visit the Mounted Combat page for a quick guide.

Shield damage reduction is applied regardless of the equip slot of the shield; be it in the primary, secondary, or both slots at the same time! If you have two shields equipped at the same time, the bot will take the sum of their damage reduction and apply it.

Critical Roll


The Critical Roll rolls a number of stats and requires a minimum of 20. If the variables add up to 20, then the damage from the previous Damage roll will be increased by 40-60%


  • (+)Attacker's Intelligence: int

  • (+)Attacker's Combat LVL: lvl

  • Critical Roll Modifier: crm

  • (+)Luck Roll: 1-10

If a critical hit lands successfully, the defender's armor will lose 5 durability and their shield will lose 10!

Maim Roll


The Maim Roll is a percentage chance to apply a Maim to an attack. If an attack with a maim lands, the Defender will be Maimed. Maimed characters have their max HP set to 2/3 of their original value and they gain permanent negative SICS modifiers depending on the type of maim. If the defender is already maimed, a second maim will instantly kill them.


  • (+)Attacker's Combat LVL:

    • Levels 0,1, and 2: 5%

    • Levels 3 and 4: 4%

    • Levels 5 and 6: 3%

    • Levels 7 and 8: 2%

    • Levels 9 and 10: 1%

  • Maim Roll Modifier: mrm

  • (-)Defender's Armor:

    • No armor: No change

    • Gambeson: 2%

    • Chain Mail: 5%

    • Brigandine: 10%

    • Rosewoodian Plate: 20%

  • (+)Luck Roll: 1-3%

A successful maim with a Blunt weapon results in a Knock out and not a maim

Maim Types

  • Missing Left Arm [CHR, STR, STM]

  • Missing Right Arm [CHR, STR, STM]

  • Missing Left Leg [CHR, STR, STM]

  • Missing Right Leg [CHR, STR, STM]

  • Partially Blind [CHR]

  • Fully Blind [CHR]

  • Mute [CHR]

The first five maims can be received as a result of the Maim roll during combat (all of these including fully blind can be a negative consequence of the racketeer and seek commands). The maim type you get is random. The last one can only be received through interworld or GMs. However, every maim type can be received as a result of RP done through interworld or game masters. Every maim type impacts SICSs stats negatively. Some impact 3 stats, and the rest impact just one.

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