Attack Moves

Previously, attacks were very primitive, with you only being able to use the r!attack command against another character. First one to three successful attacks wins. After that, we added HP, and three main attack commands with a few hidden ones. VEA introduces a much more complex combat system, where there are multiple different types of attacks that further expand upon the rock-paper-scissors approach we are taking. Now there are tactics involved in how you deal with different opponents.

How does Combat work?

Combat begins when a user uses the attack <@user> command on someone else. Both are placed into an Instance of Combat, after which the attacker is presented with a couple of different options listed below; those being the various Attack Moves tied to the weapon you choose and the Other Moves. If an attack move is chosen, the instance of combat will calculate the Combat Rolls. Once any move is used, the user who is attacked gets a chance to respond with their own move. This process repeats itself until Combat Ends.

Attack Moves

There are 33 different Attack Moves that can be used during combat. Their names and corresponding ID number can be found below:

Depending on your combat level, SICS stats, and the weapon you're using, you will have different attack moves available when engaged in combat.

To check a specific Attack Move and all the information regarding it, simply use r!attack-info <attackID> in any channel.

Other Moves

Besides attack moves, you also have the option to choose the following moves:

  • Mount (used to mount your horse if you have one and enter mounted combat)

  • Run (attempt to flee from combat, see Escape)

  • Pass (If you pass, your character will regenerate 1/6th of their max Stamina for the next turn)

  • Surrender (you instantly stop combat, but are Surrendered)

  • Disarm (for 10 Stamina you can attempt to disarm your opponent's primary weapon)

Note that using any of these will count as your action for the turn.

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