Binding is the act of restraining another character's movements and actions. While someone is Bound, they cannot RP in other IC channels and may not use any commands except sleep, unbind, insight, see, and OOC commands in general.

When someone is bound, their hands and feet are effectively tied with a rope, while they are physically also bound to a specific place, thus disabling them from moving or running.

r!bind <@user>

This command can be used by any character on any character (so long as no FailRP occurs, like targeting people who are not in the channel). The only requirement is that you have at least one Rope in your inventory.

Characters that are part of the City Watch do not need a Rope in their inventory.

Peaceful Binding

When someone is targeted by the bind command, they will be given the option to accept or refuse. If they accept, they will simply be bound at the cost of the User's 1 Rope. If they refuse, Forceful Binding will commence.

Forceful Binding

  • If the Target has 10% or more of their max HP: A bind roll will commence:

    • (+)User's Strength: str

    • (+)User's Stamina: stm

    • (+)User's Current Stamina:

      • >=75%: 3

      • Between 25% and 74%: 1

      • Under 25%: 0

    • Roles:

      • User is City Watch: +2

      • User is Inquisition: +2

      • Target is Infamy: -1

    • (-)Target's Strength: str

    • (-)Target's Stamina: stm

    • (-)Target's Current Stamina:

      • Over 75%: 3

      • Between 25% and 74%: 1

      • Under 25%: 0

    Success/Fail results:

    • Fail (0 or less): You will lose 1 Rope from your inventory, and 10% of your Max HP in the struggle (this damage will not apply if your current HP is below 10% of your Max HP). Combat is then initiated, with your Target getting the first turn.

    • Success (1 or more): You lose 1 Rope from your inventory, and the Target is given the Bound role, meaning they have been successfully bound.

  • If the Target has under 10% of their HP: They will be Bound instantly.

  • If the Target is Unconcious: They will be Bound instantly.

Only Bound characters can be arrested with the arrest command.


r!unbind [@user]

There are two ways to get rid of the Bound role without getting arrested.

  • Using the unbind command on yourself

  • Anyone else using unbind on you.

When someone uses the unbind command on someone, there is no roll; the command simply unbinds the Bound character. However, if someone who is Bound attempts to use the command, there is a roll check at the cost of 25% of their Max Stamina.

Success chance:

  • (+)Strength: str

  • (+)Stamina: stm

  • (+)Your Equipped Weapon's Slash (the highest one from both slots): S

  • (+)Roles:

    • Any Infamy Role: 3

    • Fingerless: 2, 3, 4

    • Maimed: 2

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-5

Success/Fail results:

  • Fail (<= 14): No change.

  • Success (> 14): You will be unbound, losing the Bound role.

Bound characters can be looted freely until they are unbound.

Attacking a Bound character will initiate combat. However, characters with the Bound role do not get a turn to attack, instead, they are forced to defend. Additionally, they receive a negative modifier of -10 on every Defense roll. Do not attack Bound unless you intend to harm/kill them! If you are being attacked while Bound, surrender is your best option. Choosing to do nothing in most contexts will break FearRP conventions.

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