The heal command which restores yours or someone else's health.

r!heal [@user]

Everyone has access to the heal command. You may leave out the @user part if you want to heal yourself, or you can mention someone else in order to heal them. The command's efficiency scales with the character's intelligence:

  • 0 Intelligence: Heal 1 HP

  • 1 Intelligence: Heal 5 HP

  • 2 Intelligence: Heal 10 HP

  • 3 Intelligence: Heal 15 HP

  • 4 Intelligence: Heal 20 HP

  • 5 Intelligence: Heal 25 HP

Medicus and Head Medicus from the Clergy Path have greater healing potentials.

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

  • Raw Stamina Cost: 15

  • Command Cooldown: 4h

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