Cobbler πŸ‘’

A page detailing the Cobbler role within Medieval Discord and their cobble command.


Cobblers are artisans who specialize in creating and repairing footwear. The cobbler's workshop is equipped with specialized tools such as a last (a model of a foot), awls, knives, and thread. To create a shoe, the cobbler uses the last to shape the leather or other material into the desired shape and then stitches the pieces together. The cobbler also adds soles, heels, and other components to the shoe. In addition to creating new footwear, cobblers are responsible for repairing shoes that have been damaged or worn out. Cobblers will mostly find work among the common folk of Rosewood. However, new boot designs from southern France and Italy have made their way to Rosewood and are very popular among the nobility.



The cobble command is used by the Cobbler in order to craft footwear from simpler ingredients. Using this command will open up a dropdown menu wherein you can choose what you want to make.




Bonus effect

Rosewood Boots

3 Leather + 2 Tanned Leather

Negates stamina cost associated with movement

Highborn Boots

4 Tanned Leather + 2 Leather + 1 Fur

Charisma boost

Winter Boots

2 Leather + 1 Tanned Leather + 2 Wool


Regular Shoes

2 Leather + 1 Tanned Leather


  • Necessary tool: Hammer

    • Location: Primary slot

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 5

  • XP Reward: 3

    • XP Reward Cooldown: 24h

    • XP Reward While on Cooldown: 30% chance at 1XP per cobble

Relationship with the Market and other Users:

Cobblers can get all they need to work from Rosewood's Butcher characters. These butchers will, of course, have to be provided the bodies of dead animals from which they'd extract these materials, but they should have all of these materials on hand.

Cobblers stand to get more character sales than Tailors, however, compared to smiths they should expect to do most of their business with the market.

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