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A page detailing the Carpenter role within Medieval Discord and their carpenter and build commands.


The Carpenter is a skilled artisan who works with wood to build structures, furniture, tools, and other objects. They use various hand tools such as saws, chisels, and planes, as well as larger tools like hammers and axes. Carpenters work on construction sites to build wooden structures such as houses, churches, and bridges. They also build furniture, such as chairs, tables, and beds, as well as tools like plows and carts. Carpenters are also skilled in the art of joinery, which involves fitting pieces of wood together without the use of nails. They are highly valued for building and maintaining the infrastructure of the Capital.




Used by a Carpenter in order to simply make furniture from wood and nails in their inventory.

  • Necessary tool: Hammer

    • Location: Primary slot

    • Durability cost: 5

  • Necessary Materials: 5 Wood + 1 Nails

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 10

  • XP Reward: 3

    • XP Reward Cooldown: 24h

    • XP Reward While on Cooldown: 30% chance at 1XP per carpenter


(any)Residential District
r!build <@user>

Used for upgrading a specific user's home to a better housing level. Must be used in the channel where the @user's home is.


  • Minimum Level Required: Adept [III]

    • Master [IV] unlocks the Enhanced I & II upgrades

    • Grandmaster [V] unlocks the Refined and Perfected upgrades

  • Necessary tool: Hammer

    • Location: Primary slot

    • Durability cost: 25

  • Necessary Buckles: Depends on Housing Level

  • Minimum Stamina: 100%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 20

  • XP Reward: 10

  • Command Cooldown: 3 days

Mention yourself to upgrade your home.

Relationship with the Market and other Users

On their own, Carpenters can create furniture which they can sell to the market. Since furniture has no practical use, characters won't usually buy them. Because of this, carpenters will spend most of their time interacting directly with the market. To make the most of what they have, they can trade with Blacksmiths to get nails and Tree Fellers to get wood.

Additionally, carpenters are essential for a specific mechanic. Upgrading homes cannot be done without carpenter characters. There is a lot of money to be had by upgrading people's homes for them. However, because it's so costly, you might not get the chance to do it often.

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