While RP takes place in and around Rosewood, for the most part, characters may also travel to other locations either for flavor or for their jobs as would be the case with most Merchants. Travel is a very expensive and time-consuming undertaking that most people will not manage, so it will mostly be used by those who have a reason to do so, while still being open to characters that have a bit too much time/buckles on their hands.

There are local destinations and those abroad. Only Merchants have the necessary knowledge to travel to Far Away Lands.


Using the travel command will open a dropdown menu wherein you will be able to choose the destination you want to go to. While traveling, you will get the On The Road role which will remove you from all IC Rosewood channels. You will only be able to write in IC channels related to your intended destination.

Be aware that the numbers below show stats for a ONE-WAY trip. Since you will need to return to Rosewood, make sure to double the figures for a return trip.

Local Destinations

The distance is dependent on where you're traveling from and where you're traveling to, specifically how much distance you cover in that travel instance.

  • Rosewood β€” position: 0

  • Frey Village β€” position: 5

  • Forechester Town β€” position: 10

  • Shelby Town β€” position: 15

  • Kington β€” position: -16

Example: Traveling from Rosewood to Kington is 16 distance, but traveling from Kington to Shelby would be 31. Going from Shelby to Forechester would be 5.

The buckle cost, travel time and stamina cost are all automatically calculated based on the units of distance traveled.

Buckle Cost = 50 * unit
Travel Time = 0.5min * unit
Stamina Cost = 3 * unit

Below is a table of the buckle cost, travel time and stamina costs for traveling from and to Rosewood from one of the local destinations.


Buckle Cost (1/5 for Merchants)

Travel Time (1/2 on Horseback)

Stamina Cost (1/2 on Horseback)

Frey Village


2.5 minutes


Forechester Town


5 minutes


Shelby Town


7.5 minutes




8 minutes


The buckle cost reduction applies relative to the Merchant level so a Novice [I] will have the buckle cost reduced on the trip to Frey Village, but will not have any other prices reduced. This reduction scales with each level, eventually culminating with the Grandmaster rank which has a cost reduction on every local destination.

The travel times are not representative of the actual time it would take to reach any of these destinations, so please keep in mind when you RP that these trips would realistically take your character a few days at the least.

Far Away Lands

Unlike local destinations, Far Away lands don't use any sort of 'destination calculation' and have a fixed and pre-determined cost as you can only travel from and to Rosewood.


Buckle Cost (one-way trip)

Travel Time (10% decrease for every STM)

Cooldown (before you can travel here again)


(Republic of Venice)


1 day

3 days


(Roman Empire)


2 days

3 days


(Tunisian Sultanate)


3 days

3 days


(Seljuk Sultanate)


4 days

3 days




5 days

3 days




6 days

3 days

While having a horse is optional when traveling to local destinations, you must have a horse to travel to the Far Away Lands.

Plan ahead for your journey. Make sure you have enough buckles for a return trip. If you don't, you can still make it back home, but you will be indebted (the cost will be deducted from your bank balance) and the travel time will be DOUBLED! Make sure you also have enough Stamina, as every trip to and from the Far Away Lands will cost you 50% of your max stamina. If you don't have enough, you will have to sleep/consume something to regain stamina.

STM is the Stamina SICS Point you assigned when you created your character. This number (unmodified) will be used to calculate your time decrease!

You can only travel to Far Away Lands from Rosewood, and you can only return from them to Rosewood.

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