Inquisitor General ⚖️

A page detailing the Inquisitor General role within Medieval Discord and their purge command.


The Inquisitor General is the head of the French Inquisition. They are chosen for their loyalty to the Pope and their devotion to the Catholic faith from among the High Inquisitors of the Kingdom of France. The Inquisitor General answers only to the Pope and is a figure feared throughout Rosewood, from where they operate. The fear they inspire is mostly felt among the commoners, although the rest of the clergy and even the nobility fear the Inquisitor General due to their extraordinary position within France. During Morality trials, if the Archbishop is not available, they will take their place and hold the trial in the Bishop's stead.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 80 coin

  • Rank-up Cost: 600 piety

  • Rank-up Rewards: Inquisitorial Ring, Chain Mail, Arming Sword, Horse



#any local settlement

When used, the Inquisitor General will organize an official purge of heresy within a settlement near Rosewood.

  • Piety Cost: 150 piety

  • Buckles Reward: 75-100

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 20

  • Command Cooldown: 7d

The Inquisitor General, unlike everyone else, pays 0 buckles to travel between the local settlements (Frey, Forechester, Shelby, Kington) and Rosewood.

In-depth guide:

The Inquisitor General is an antagonistic role within Rosewood due to the fact that their character de facto relies on the oppression of others. Most of their time will be spent coordinating their forces within the City, while they will have some free time to purge heresy around Rosewood every week or so. Some Inquisitor Generals might like to get their hands dirty, while others will prefer to have their legions do their duties for them; it's up to the user. Very rare are Inquisitor Generals who are compassionate due to the nature of their position, mostly those cunning and ambitious will rise to the rank of Inquisitor General. The Inquisitor General has a ceremonial mask made of gold depicting a genderless face with a single tear under its left eye.

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