A page detailing the Recruit role within Medieval Discord.


Recruits are the first rank of the City Watch. They are the men and women of Rosewood who have chosen to take part in their duty to their City and their King and uphold his laws. Their duties consist of training, escorting, and learning from higher ranks. Once they have proven their devotion to the Watch, they will be eligible for a promotion. Before that, their duties and privileges are limited.

In-depth guide:

Due to being the first in a long string of ranks, the Recruit rank offers no bonus mechanics or specific RP to the character. However, it gives users time to acclimate to the way the Military works in MD. It is no longer about fighting big battles or defending against outside threats. The Military now is comprised of those willing to fight for a living but in the name of the City of Rosewood. Consider Recruit to be a trial version of the Watch. A time when you may train, spar, and make connections before the real work begins. Recruits are offered no kits, no paycheck, and no XP. You will be able to rank up after 3 days have passed since you join the Watch.

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