The most basic ways for your character to earn an income in MD.

#shops | #workshops

The bot randomly picks a reply out of a few already existing ones and sends it in the channel where you've used the command. What the bot sends happens in character and that's how your character earns a small (2-5 buckles) amount of buckles (those buckles get added automatically to your coin balance).

  • Minimum Stamina: 10%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 5

  • Command Cooldown: 4h

There are also other minor sources of income like Fishing and Foraging.


Depending on the Path or Route, your character may additionally receive a weekly paycheck. Paychecks arrive every Sunday in the #bank using the money command. Simply press the PAYCHECK button and you will collect your paycheck if possible.

If for example, a Deacon has a weekly paycheck then they have to go to the #bank channel and press the PAYCHECK button to receive their income.

Your character will not receive any money if they don't collect their paychecks manually. Additionally, once your paycheck is ready (i.e. once a week), you won't be eligible for the next paycheck until you collect your current one. Paychecks do not stack.

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