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A page detailing the Deacon role within Medieval Discord and their convert and preach commands.


The Deacon is the first rank of the threefold Christian ministry and is the governor of their respective diaconate, the smallest subdivision of the Catholic authority. Within larger settlements like Rosewood, a single church might have multiple diaconates, all presided by a Deacon, in service to their Parish Priest. However, in smaller settlements, like ones that only have one, a diaconate is synonymous with a parish, and the title is a transitionary period between Scribes and Priests. Deacons are not considered fully ordained priests and therefore their abilities are limited by law.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 20 coin

  • Rank-up Rewards: Clerical Robes



r!convert <@user>

Used by characters to convert someone's religion to yours (or by clergy to convert to Catholicism). <@user> - The mentioned discord user whose character you want to convert.

  • Cost: 20 piety

  • Reward: 10 coin

  • Cooldown: 2h

The convert command is accessible to anyone with at least 4 Intelligence, meaning anyone can convert people to the faith of their own character. However, only the Clergy can convert people to Catholicism.

  • When converted by the Clergy, a user would get an overt Baptized role.

Users who are Baptized or Apostates cannot be converted again.


r!preach <sermon>

Used to earn Piety <sermon>- The words that your character preaches. The length of the sermon gives you a bonus/penalty on your preach success chance.

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 10

  • Base Reward: 40-60 piety

    • Reward Cooldown: 24h

    • Command Cooldown: 1h

Success chance:

  • (+)Intelligence: 1/2int

  • (+)Charisma: char

  • (+)Random dice: 0-4

  • Sermon character count:

    • <500: -1

    • 500-999: 0

    • >999: +1

  • Age:

    • Teenage(16-19): -4

    • Young(20-30): -1

    • Middle age(31-45): +1

    • Old(46-50): +3

    • Elder(51-60): +5

Success Threshold:

  • <8 Fail: -10 piety

  • 8-9 No change: 0 piety

  • 10-12 Success: Base Reward

  • 13-17 Total Success: Base Reward + 5-10 piety

Your sermon can't contain any roleplay, meaning, when typing the preach command, include only text your character says and no RP actions.

In-depth guide:

Deacons are the lowest rank within the Preachment route. They inherit every Scribe command and earn a couple of new ones as well. They are basically unordained priests with a few responsibilities including administering the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist, while also delivering sermons, excluding Mass, and they oversee burials and funerals.

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