Live Combat

A page detailing cXP gain through Live Combat within Medieval Discord.

Live Combat simply refers to a multitude of commands meant to inflict harm onto another character or even potentially kill them. While Sparring does also incur a small health penalty upon its use, it is more of a side effect, while HP loss is a core part of Live Combat.

  • Attack Move

    • Success: 2-5 cXP

    • Fail: 0-3 cXP

  • Defense

    • Success: 3-6 cXP

    • Fail: 1-3 cXP

You can't level up while In-Combat! Your XP will update only after the combat instance ends.


Due to the risks and dangers surrounding engaging in Live Combat, it comes as no surprise that it is the fastest way to earn combat experience. Obviously, this type of cXP gain should not be actively sought out, IC or OOC. Live Combat means a serious fight between two opponents that want to either stop the fight by force as soon as possible or want to kill the other person. By engaging in Live Combat you put your character at great risk; HP loss, Stamina loss, maim chance, IC repercussions, and finally, death. Those who manage to master Live Combat and equip themselves well with arms and armor will be virtually indestructible when facing others in combat. Live Combat enables every combat mechanic and is the purest form of Combat in MD.

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