Certain drinks, in addition to giving you HP and Stamina, will also give your character BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Every character has a BAC bar that goes from 0 to 250, with the 250 mark representing 0.25 mg/dL.

There are three stages of intoxication:

  • Tipsy: (+1 CHR) [50-99 BAC]

  • Drunk: (+1 CHR, +1 STR, -1 INT, -3 on all Combat Rolls) [100-199 BAC]

  • Wasted: (-1 CHR, -2 INT, -6 on all Combat Rolls, Max STM Capped at 75%) [200-249 BAC]

Not role-playing as if you're Tipsy, Drunk, or Wasted, while you have the roles is FailRP!

BAC does not decay naturally. You must sleep in order to bring it back to 0. Every 1h of sleep translates to 30 BAC lost. It will take a person a full 8h to sleep off 240 BAC.

If you reach 250 BAC, your character will black out IC and will gain the Unconscious role wherever they passed out. They won't be able to wake up until 1h has passed. Additionally, after waking up, your character's HP and stamina will be set to 20% of their max values. Instead of their BAC being reset to 0, it will be set to 75 upon waking up.

Note that being Drunk or Wasted in public is against the law!

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