Trial Characters

Making your character with the Character Creator results in a fixed character that you have to use to RP with. Usually, the cooldown for the command is seven days. This was set to prevent spam and to make people value their characters more. However, new users often make mistakes during the character creation process. One way this can be resolved is with the Trial Character system.

The first character you make is considered a "Trial Character," meaning that they are more or less a test for you to see if you've made a bad decision during character creation. Trial Characters are the same as regular characters except that the Character Creation cooldown does not apply to them. So, if you've made your first character, you have 24h to use the character creation command again before your Trial Character becomes permanent. If you decide to make a new character, then the second one you make will not be a Trial Character, and will instead be permanent. This is a one-time thing that is meant to help out new users who've made a genuine mistake.

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