A page detailing naming conventions in Medieval Discord.

1. Characters can only have a first name

Most people during this time had only one name to identify themselves. Their "last name" would likely be either the name of an ancestor, be it a grandparent or parent (Johnson, Fitzgerald) or the name of their craft/their family's craft (Smith, Fisher). Some variations may exist, like taking the names of the places they were born in (Frey, Rose) or from natural marker/phenomenon distinct to their place of origin (Rivers, Summers). Rarely will anyone have a more complex last name which one could consider a House name. Instead, commoners and the citizens of Rosewood will almost always only be refered to by their first name. People who live in cities will use their last name more frequently. In addition to this, people will usually have a middle name normally taken from a late or old family member, a saint, or a popular monarch.

2. A name must be accurate to the culture

Firstly, parents would make sure the name they gave their child was one that corresponded with their gender. Unisex names were not common, but they were present nevertheless. Following traditional roles in society, boys' names would have something to do with courage, wisdom, strength, while girls' names would have some connection to beauty, humility, and wisdom. The names of saints and Biblical figures were particularly popular. In addition to those conventions, names must keep with the language of the region the person is born into. The language spoken in MD's Kingdom of France is closest to Anglo-Norman. So names that take influence from Anglo-Saxon culture, as well as Norman-Latin names, are always a good choice. Consider that some names appear in multiple languages like Charles vs Karl or Louis vs Lewis.

There are rules when it comes to naming that have not been addressed above. There are obvious regulations placed on the names of OCs, and those are: 1. Names must be between 3-10 letters (no special characters) 2. Names must not contain offensive language 3. Names must not be taken out of popular culture 4. You may not have the same name as any of your previous characters

Your name will be subject to change if it does not follow the rules/conventions stated above. A change can be done without warning or approval from the user.

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