When a character joins the Infamy Route of the Commoner Path, they will be randomly assigned to one of the three most powerful criminal gangs in Rosewood. This is done in order to maintain a balance between all three. Gangs serve as criminal guilds and are supposed to be an organization that protects the people loyal to them, while constantly vying for power with other gangs. Infighting and betrayal still happen, but it is generally frowned upon. While no one can claim to be the leader of any gang, most of them will have a handful of its strongest members assume the title, even though there are no clear-cut rules on how power is transferred or attained. In general, the three top gangs in Rosewood respect only power and loyalty.

NPC special requests can be used only once every seven days!

NPC Interactions:

Talking to any of the three Gang NPCs will yield a number of similar responses. Asking them for basic aid or lore works the same way among the Gangs. However, there are some questions or requests you can give your Gang NPC that other gangs have no access to.

Generic NPC Requests:

  1. There's a bounty I need canceled. Can you spread the word? (The NPC will cancel any bounty that another member of this gang has issued in exchange for 50% of the original bounty.)

  2. Can you patch me up real quick? (The NPC will restore you to for a sum relative to your missing health. 10% HP = 100 Buckles)

  3. I have some stuff on me that needs to go. (The NPC will take all of your contraband and pay you 90% of the selling price.)

  4. I want to bribe some guards. Can you help? (You will be given the option to choose a district. That district will see a drop in your rival gangs' control points relative to how much you invest. = 1 Control Point) (Has a cooldown of 24h)

  5. Nevermind. Goodbye... (Ends the dialogue)

  6. What's your story? (Lore)

  7. So who's the boss around here? (Lore)

  8. Can you get me a Tess? (For 1000 Buckles, the NPC will give you a Tess which exempts people from taxes. See Taxation.)

The Armington Clan πŸ”΄

The Armington Clan formed sometime around the Fall of Rosewood in 1168. Originally headed by James "Armington" who people in that desperate time believed to be the last surviving member of House Armington, the original holders of Headow Keep. He could not prove his ancestry, but he banded the commoners of Rosewood into a militia that helped defend the City during the siege, and then later into the war as well. The organization was aimless after the war ended, but it had a structure set up, and people who enjoyed money and power took over. Since then the Armington Clan has existed as a criminal guild within Rosewood, taking in everyone and anyone who wanted protection and had the guts to live their lifestyle. Members of this gang are recognizable by a piece of red cloth they tie around their right arms. Every piece of cloth that the Armingtons use for identification is said to be from the original banners of the Armington family, meaning fake ones can be easily uncovered. They are said to have connections in all sorts of places and are able to uncover anyone's darkest secrets.

The Armingtons' Gang NPC: "The Armorer"

Special requests:

  1. There's someone I need info on. (For 250 Buckles, The Armorer will send an information sheet with all possible information on the @user you mentioned.) -Has a chance to fail (10%).

The Wolves of the Woods βšͺ

One of the oldest crime guilds within the City of Rosewood, the Wolves of the Woods have been around since the pre-Imperial Age. Hard to imagine, but Rosewood existed far before the Sirius Empire made it its Capital. No one knows how this gang originated, but one single tradition has remained in place for all these years; its members are identified by a clump of light wolf's fur they keep on their person at all times. Earlier it was a rite of passage to spend days in the woods, hunting for wolves and bringing back at least one. However, lately, new members just get their patch upon joining. The Wolves are notorious for being part of the lowest class of Citizens, those driven to crime out of desperation. They are known for using the old Roman sewer system to get around unseen. Some might say they know the tunnels best.

The Wolves' Gang NPC: "The Werewolf"

Special requests:

  1. I need to travel to someplace fast. (For 500 Buckles, The Werewolf will let you use the tunnels to any nexus channel in Rosewood or its outside, except Fernyard, Fisher Fort, and the Mayoral Palace.)

The Kingfisher Company πŸ”΅

Formed after the dissolution of the Imperial Army, by General Roger "Kingfisher", the Kingfishers are a relatively young gang in Rosewood. Their story begins with them as a small group of former Imperial Officers and Veterans of the Fifty Years' War who could not find employment through conventional means. They became criminals within Rosewood in order to survive. Eventually, the organization grew into the Kingfisher Company, named after Roger's nickname, "Kingfisher". This relates to his habit of carrying a blue Kingfisher feather with him at all times for luck. Since then, the Kingfishers have started to use it as their insignia, to recognize members and to mark their territory. They respect ambition and will often share knowledge with each other in order to increase the gang's overall capability.

The Kingfishers' Gang NPC: "The Mariner"

Special requests:

  1. I want to improve my skills. (For 2500 Buckles, The Mariner will add 1 to your .) -Has a chance to fail (20%).

Gang Insignia


Gang members are distinguished by the insignia of their respective gangs. Members of a gang will be given an insignia appropriate for their gang allegiance upon joining. This can be taken/stolen from them by other characters. In the event of losing your insignia, you may use the insignia command to get a replacement. Using the command will cost you 25 buckles every time. Additionally, the command has a 7-day cooldown.

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