Out-of-Character and In-Character roles

There are two types of roles in MD β€” OOC (Out-of-Character) and IC (In-Character). Simply put, OOC roles usually relate to the discord user and are transferred even after character changes. IC roles on the other hand are tied to a particular character. When you switch a character or if they die, the IC roles will typically change depending on the new character you've made.

There is another important distinction β€” IC roles can be Covert and Overt. If they are white (#ffffff), that means they are considered Overt. Covert IC roles on the other hand are marked with an invisible color and will not change the color of the user.

If a role is Overt, then it can be perceived by other characters by using the see command. If a role is Covert, then it cannot be perceived by other characters.

Note that Path/Route roles are the only Covert roles that have a color. They are marked with a color purely for aesthetics and for us to be able to order users accordingly on the online members list.

You can hide Overt roles by using the cloak command!

The Character Roles role is considered to be a divider role. Its purpose is to divide IC roles from OOC roles. When you open someone's profile on MD you will be given two sets of roles and a divider between them. The upper roles are OOC and the ones below the divider are IC.

The Overtness of roles is a prime source of MetaRP. Please bear in mind that your character can't see Covert roles. Simply, be mindful of other people's roles and the MeraRP rules associated with them.

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