Combat Rolls

Originally in MD, combat was painfully simple and based on RP, then we introduced dice rolls, and finally, we added the bot to automate combat. However, it hasn't always been this good. In the beginning, the Bot only calculated the end roll and it was left to the users to apply them. After that the Bot was given the ability to resolve combat, thus rendering the r!defend command obsolete. This is where weapon stats were expanded on for the first time. Now, VEA gives us the ability to expand even further. Combat rolls are completely automatic and user-friendly, combat has been expanded upon in every direction, and everything is documented here to allow easy access to critical information even in the middle of a fight.

Previously, there were only two rolls in combat, the attacker's roll, and the defender's roll. Now, there are multiple, some belonging to the attacker and others to the defender. They have been divided into these two groups:

Offensive RollsDefensive Rolls

Combat is initiated when someone attacks another character. Every instance of combat has the same rolls, in the same roll order. The following is the roll order during combat:

  1. Attack Roll

  2. Defense Roll

  3. Damage Roll

  4. Critical Roll

  5. Maim Roll

  6. Dodge Roll

  7. Counter Roll

After the roll order is complete, Damage Application will follow.

Running out of stamina mid-combat means you won't be able to use any of the attack moves. If so, the ATTACK button will be disabled until you gain enough stamina for at least one move.

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