A page detailing religious conventions in Medieval Discord.

Playable religions in MD:

Roman Catholicism is the main Western branch of Christianity that emerged after the schism of 1087 after the First Council of Rosewood. Its origin is traced to the Sacrifice of Christ and it is part of Christianity which is an Abrahamic religion, sharing its lore with Judaism and Islam. It is distinguishable by certain doctrines and beliefs:

  • Headed by the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, who is chosen from amongst the Cardinals to represent Catholicism. The Pope is believed to be the Vicar of Christ and therefore infallible.

  • Belief in the Holy Trinity; consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Devotion to the Virgin Mary, who they believe gave birth to Christ without intercourse and ascended to Heaven where she is an intermediary between God and his people.

  • Belief in transubstantiation, where during Mass when the Priest repeats Christ's words during the Last Supper, the bread and wine take on the traits of Christ's Body and Blood although not changing their outward appearance. Eucharist remains one of the most important rituals and is encouraged at least once per week, on Sundays.

  • Celibacy is considered virtuous, and obligatory in the Clergy. Both men and women may become priests, although only celibate men may become Cardinals and Popes.

  • You can only be Baptized once. Usually, the ritual is performed on Sundays, with the person being baptized dressed in white, and with kin there as witnesses or godparents.

  • Belief that Priests can administer the Sacrament of Penance or Confession to those baptized, granting the forgiveness of Christ to those who confess their sins and repent for them.

  • The ritual of Confirmation at the age of reason, which is at seven years old when a person officially joins the Catholic Church.

  • Belief that marriage is eternal and that people can only be divorced by the Pope in extreme circumstances (Annulments are also possible if the marriage can be proven to be invalid). Widows and widowers may choose to remarry, but those who are divorced may not, as long as their spouse is alive.

  • Belief that vows to the Lord (like joining a Holy Order) are to be held in the highest regard and that breaking them may result in eternal damnation.

  • Belief in Extreme Unction and the Last Rites are given to those gravely ill or those about to die.

  • Veneration of Saints and Martyrs

  • Those unbaptized, sinners, and excommunicated will be punished through Hell for all eternity.

1. Pool of Religions

Every character is defined by some sort of faith. For MD's purposes, we've given 7 options for users to pick from, based on religions that would have some sort of representation within Rosewood. Other religions exist, of course, but they are irrelevant for RP in Rosewood. They can be mentioned, but realistically, almost no one would believe in them so far away from their region/time of origin.

2. Absolute devotion

A character's faith represents their steadfast belief. One cannot be a Christian, and actually believe in something else. However, an option exists for those who become disillusioned with their faith. Every character has one chance to switch their religion if they find someone else of that same faith.

3. Lying

In some instances, revealing your religion might put you at risk. When this is the case, you are allowed to lie about what you believe in. However, your character will not be able to take part in religious rituals of other religions without abandoning their faith and joining another one. Remember the rule of Absolute Devotion; your character is 100% certain in their religion, unless they plan to convert. However, exceptions can be made where members of a religion may lie about their faith to try to save their lives or the life of someone else.

There are no religion roles, meaning MetaRP is significantly more difficult. However, a character will gain a role when they convert from one religion to another.

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