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A page detailing the Bandit role within Medieval Discord and their rob mechanic.


Bandits rob travelers on the roads or steal from villages and towns. They are typically individuals or part of a small group and often operate in remote or hard-to-reach areas where they can avoid detection by authorities. Bandits use force or the threat of violence to take money, goods, or livestock from their victims. Some bandits also engage in kidnapping or extortion for ransom. Banditry is a serious crime so they face harsh punishment if caught β€” imprisonment and then hanging. Despite the risks, some individuals turn to banditry as a means of survival or rebellion against the ruling authorities. Bandits are seen as the most dangerous and least predictable members of the Capital's criminal underground.


#forest | #walls

Used to steal from NPCs, be that items or buckles.

  • Necessary tool: Any weapon

    • Location: Primary slot

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 10

  • XP Reward: 3

    • XP Reward Cooldown: 24h

    • XP Reward While on Cooldown: 30% chance at 1XP per rob

Success chance:

  • Base success chance: 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50% (increase with level)

  • (+)Stamina: 2xstm%

  • (+)Weapon Damage: (D/2)%

  • (+)Armor: 5%

  • (+)Horse: 10%

  • (+)Shield: 5%

Success/Fail results:

  • Fail: You will be spotted by the Watch, who will try to arrest you

    • If you manage to escape: You successfully evade capture and end up hiding in the #forest

      • Base Success Chance: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% (increase with level)

      • (+)Stamina: stm+(current stamina amount/3)%

      • (+)Horse: 20%

      • (-)Weight: (current weight/2)%

    • If you are caught: You will be sent to the #dungeons where you will wait for your trial

  • Success: 40-200 buckles (higher percentage as you level up)

    • Bonus Reward: 1-5% chance of a common/uncommon/rare shipment drop

Relationship with the Market and other Users:

Bandits are highly sought-after criminals, as the punishment for their crimes is usually death. They make a living by robbing NPC merchants but may also rob other Characters if they believe the profit will be larger.

Bandits have combat bonuses against other characters with the Merchant role. Additionally, they have a buff when using the RUN button during combat.

If the rob command is successful, they will receive a number of buckles that scales with their experience. Additionally, there is also a small chance that a successful rob will drop a random local shipment, which can then be opened and its contents sold.

If the command fails, the Bandit will be pursued by the Watch and will have a chance to escape or be caught. If they escape, they will avoid punishment. However, if they are caught, they will be arrested and tried for banditry.

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