Inn Hand 🍻

A page detailing the Inn Hand role within Medieval Discord and their brew command.


Inn Hands are employees of the Innkeeper who is charged with running Nan Nicole's. They are lowborn men and women who are handpicked by the Innkeeper. They can be hired and fired whenever and for any reason. Their job consists of making small talk with patrons and serving them various drinks and foods, including homebrewed beers and stews. In addition to this, they also must maintain the Tavern's reputation as well as its hygiene. Inn hands can also be used for physical labor when the Innkeeeper requires it like when there are crates to be moved, furniture to be fixed, etc.



Tavern Category

When the brew command is used, it will present you with a dropdown menu where you may select the meal/drink you wish to prepare. Each item has a set time required to have it prepared. You can only prepare one item at a time. This command can be used by the Innkeeper as well.

Brewable Items:

  • Stew: 5 minutes

  • Rosewood Beer: 1 minute

  • Rosewood Mead: 2 minutes

  • Rosewood Wine: 3 minutes

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 10

These brewable items have no price set on the market. It is up to the Innkeeper to determine the prices and it is up to the Inn Hand making and selling them to charge other characters for them. Always try to consult your Innkeeper for the prices of these items before starting to sell them.

In-depth guide:

Inn Hands should spend most of their time serving patrons in the Tavern. They work at the bar and normally fetch drinks for the people there. These drinks can be ordinary ones from the Market, however, most patrons will appreciate being served exclusive food/drinks that are only available through the brew mechanic. These beverages are brewed within the Capital, sold exclusively within Taverns, or shipped elsewhere. For most Inn Hands, a good rule of thumb is to keep your head low, listen to the Innkeeper, and keep out of any criminal activity.

Making small talk with your regular patrons is an amazing way to get information which can then be sold over the counter for coin or favors. Inn hands are well-known for being a great source of gossip.

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