Looting is a mechanic that allows characters to take items from other, recently dead or incapacitated, characters. When someone dies, they are given the Intermission role and their time of death is logged. Since that moment, and up to 5 minutes after it, any character may use the loot command to check which items they had on them and take any number of them.

The command will open a drop-down menu where you will be able to select one or multiple items you'd like to take. You will also be presented with the option to take the buckles they had on their person at the time of their death. If an item is stackable, then selecting it will mean you take the entire stack of ten, not just one item.


r!loot <@user>

Can be used on characters that are:

  • Dead - if <5 minutes have passed

  • Unconscious - for the duration of the effect

  • Bound - for the duration of the effect

  • Resting - for the duration of the effect

It's also important to keep the rules regarding looting in mind which you can find on the rule document under section 4.

While taking items from dead people is legally considered looting, doing the same to an unconscious or bound person is more likely to be considered outright theft. However, context is very important.

Gang members and members of the watch have their insignia and stipes respectively. These too can be looted (both are considered contraband, but Watch members won't be affected by their stripes' contraband quality).

Looting someone in a Guarded channel will result in your immediate arrest! (Watch members and those of the Majesty path are exempt from this rule)

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