High Inquisitor πŸ”₯

A page detailing the High Inquisitor role within Medieval Discord and their investigate command.


High Inquisitors are members of the Inquisitor General's close circle. They are experienced members of the Inquisition and are widely known by an alternative name which is usually part of the Abrahamic angel tradition. High Inquisitors are more cunning and can investigate an area to pick up clues regarding someone's religion, be those physical clues or eyewitness accounts. These characters are much more intimidating to regular citizens as they represent the upper ranks of the Inquisition, so they are regular Inquisitors who have done their jobs well enough to get promoted for it. Children are told to avoid people in black robes because of them.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 40 coin

  • Rank-up Cost: 300 piety

  • Rank-up Rewards: Gambeson, Mace




When used, will try to uncover potential heresy in the area, pointing you toward suspicious individuals who can be further persecuted.

  • Piety Cost: 50 piety

  • Cooldown: 1h

  • Minimum Stamina: 50%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 15

Success chance:

  • (+)Intelligence: int

  • (+)Random dice: 0-5

Success Threshold:

  • 0-2 Critical Fail: User is given false information. Must be acted upon. The target is also alerted they are being investiagted.

  • 3-4 Fail: User alerts the person they were trying to investigate.

  • 5-6 No change: The investigation leads to a dead-end.

  • 7-8 Success: A person is deemed suspicious, although their religion is uncertain. Cause for further investigation, not arrest.

  • 9-10 Total Success: A person's religion is revealed to the User. Cause for immediate arrest.

Make sure you're aware of MetaRP before using this command!

In-depth guide:

High Inquisitors work a lot like regular Inqusitiors, except they have an additional way to persecute other characters, and that's their investigate mechanic. They represent the Inquisitor General's most trusted soldiers and take orders only from them and the Archbishop, however, their loyalty would almost always be to their Inquisitor General. They are the only role that gets a "second name" that's purely for IC (in character) use. They will most likely acquire as much piety as they can before spending on the investigate mechanic to uncover more potential heretics.

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