Defensive Rolls

A page detailing the Defense, Dodge, and Counter rolls within Medieval Discord.

Defense Roll


The Defense Roll is placed against the Attack roll and determines whether the attacker's attack will be possible at all. In the case of a tie, the attack will fail. Otherwise, if the attacker has a higher roll than the defender, the order of rolls continues normally.


Dodge Roll


The Dodge Roll is the defender's best bet at winning combat if their Defense roll has failed them. The only other alternative is to trust in your stats and bear the brunt of your opponent's attack, hoping your damage will hurt them more. If the Dodge Roll is successful, it will completely negate the attacker's turn and move combat forward.


  • (+)Defender's Stamina: stm

  • (+)Defender's Combat LVL: lvl

  • Defender's Armor:

    • No Armor: +5

    • Gambeson: No Change

    • Chain Mail: -3

    • Brigandine: -7

    • Rosewoodian Plate: -10

  • Defender's Current Carry Weight:

    • Encumbered: -10

    • 50% or above Max Carry Weight: -5

    • Under 50% Max Carry Weight: +2

    • Under 20% Max Carry Weight: +5

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-5

Success: 15 or more

If the defender's dodge roll is successful, then the attacker will not lose any durability on their weapon and the defender will not lose any durability on their shield or armor!

Counter Roll


Only if the Dodge Roll is successful, then the Counter Roll is rolled. If successful, then the attacker's attack is redirected back at them; 50% of the damage of the attacker's attack is inflicted on their HP and you take no damage.


  • (+)Defender's Combat LVL: lvl

  • (+)Defender's Intelligence: int

  • (+)Defender Equipped Longsword: 2

  • (-)Attacker's Stamina: stm

  • (-)Attacker's Combat LVL: lvl

  • (+)Luck Roll: 0-3

Success: 2 or higher

If an attack is countered and it was supposed to maim the defender, it will NOT maim the attacker during the counter.

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