Unlike the vast majority of RP servers on Discord, which might use PTK (Permission to Kill), or consent-based simple rolling for combat, Medieval Discord boasts a full combat system; which in turn means every Character in MD has its own Health value. Once your Health drops to 0, your Character will die, and you will be given the Intermission role, meaning you can no longer RP with that Character and you will need to make a new one.

The choice to have advanced combat and a health system comes from one of MD's core principles β€” realism. Realism, along with the ease of moderating automated combat is enough reason to opt for a complex, but mostly intuitive system of determining when a character dies. The alternatives are simply not appealing, PTK does not allow for natural RP, independent and singular rolling is too simple and is mostly luck-based, and having Staff actively moderate RP combat is too demanding for the people who are there to grow and moderate the community above all else. Therefore, it's only natural that we opted for a system that is automated, fully editable, stat-based, and ultimately unbiased.

Not all Characters are equal. Depending on the stats you choose during character creation, your characters will have varying amounts of Max Health (Different from HP; HP being your current Health Points).

Things that impact your Max Health:

  • Age:

    • 16-19: 100 HP

    • 20-30: 100 HP

    • 31-45: 90 HP

    • 46-50: 75 HP

    • Elder: 50 HP

  • Strength:

    • 0 Strength: (-10 MaxHP)

    • 1 Strength: (-5 MaxHP)

    • 2 Strength: (No Change)

    • 3 Strength: (No Change)

    • 4 Strength: (+10 MaxHP)

    • 5 Strength: (+20 MaxHP)

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Majesty Path [Any Role]: (+15 MaxHP)

It is inevitable that your Character will lose HP at some point, whether that be through failing a command which has an HP Fail Punishment, or through Combat with another Character. In any such event, your Character can regenerate their HP in any one of three ways:

SleepingEating and DrinkingHealing

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