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A page detailing the Guard role within Medieval Discord and their arrest and search commands.


Guards are the main fighting force of the City Watch. They are the men and women called upon when there is a disturbance within Rosewood. Their main task is conflict resolution by way of speechcraft, force, or arrest. Peace is maintained by patrolling the streets of the City or by guarding key points like gates, notable buildings, the Market, or the Main Square among other places. While Pickets are the first to get their uniforms, Guards are the first to get their stripes. To distinguish rank within the Watch, a practice inherited from the Imperial Watch, members wear colored cloth bands, called stripes. Guards have one blue stripe around their left bicep.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 10 coin

  • Rank-up Requirement: 45 xp

  • Rank-up Rewards: Club, Blue Watch Stripe



r!arrest <@user> <arrest reason>

Used to arrest characters who are Bound or Unconscious, instantly taking them to the #dungeons.

  • Raw Stamina Cost: 5

  • Base Reward: 5 xp

    • Reward Cooldown: 24h

As stated above, only characters with the Bound/Unconcious roles can be arrested! To find out more abound these mechanics, check THIS out!

r!search <@user>

Used to search the targeted character's inventory. If the roll is successful, every contraband item will be revealed.

  • Minimum Stamina: 40%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 10

Success chance:

  • (+)Intelligence: int

  • Target's Current Weight:

    • Target is Encumbered: +4

    • Above(including) 50% Max Carry Weight: +2

    • Under 50% Max Carry Weight: -2

  • (-)Target's Intelligence: -int

  • (+)Random dice: 0-3

Success Threshold:

  • <1 Fail: No contraband items will be revealed (if there are even any)

  • >0 Success: The target's contraband items are revealed if they have any.

The search command can be used on characters with the Intermission role!



Used to restore a lost stripe to your inventory. It can only be used if you don't have a stripe in your inventory and it will cost you 100 buckles for a Blue stripe and 200 for a Red one. The command also has a 7-day cooldown.

Not having your stripe is against the law IC. Recovering your stripe too many times is also not allowed IC. You may face consequences for both of these eventually if you're not careful.

In-depth guide

Guards are the first Watch rank that can arrest other characters for breaking the law. Sometimes even a preventive arrest is better than not arresting a potential criminal, seeing as the penalty for arresting someone wrongfully is much less than letting a criminal go. In addition to arresting other characters, Guards are the first rank to be able to fight smuggling within Rosewood with the search command. Once someone is found to be carrying contraband, they are to be arrested immediately by the Guard that searched them. However, corrupt guards may take these items for themselves and sell them for profit. Otherwise, moral guards will arrest the criminal and dispose of the contraband that was lifted off them. Usually, the protocol is for the criminal to hand over the revealed contraband to the Guard with the give command.

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