Fame Route

The Fame Route of the Commoner Path is based on using each role's specific command in order to turn stamina/buckles/raw materials into a product that can be legally sold to the market or to other users. These roles are based on real-life medieval equivalents, and all contribute to the market's "ecosystem" where every role has a way to contribute to others, or just itself. To join the Fame Route, you will need to speak with the Marketkeeper in the #workshops channel. The Fame Route roles are accessible by any user with the commoner role.

Blacksmith βš’οΈGoldsmith πŸ’Armorsmith πŸ›‘οΈWeaponsmith βš”οΈTailor 🧡Cobbler πŸ‘’Hunter 🦌Butcher πŸ₯©Carpenter πŸ”¨Tree Feller 🌳Merchant πŸ“¦Farmer πŸ–Miner ⛏️

If you want to leave the Fame Route, you will have to speak to the Matketkeeper and request to be let go from the guild you are a part of. Leaving, however, will prohibit you from rejoining Fame and will give you the Cidevant role.

Ranking up:

Every role-specific command gives your character a certain amount of XP. Upon reaching a milestone, you will instantly progress to the next level of your skill in the craft you've chosen. The numbers are as follows:

  • Rank I - [Novice] - 0 xp

  • Rank II - [Apprentice] - 10 xp

  • Rank III - [Adept] - 30 xp

  • Rank IV - [Master] - 60 xp

  • Rank V - [Grandmaster] - 100 xp

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