SICS Stats

A page detailing SICS conventions in Medieval Discord.

1. Balancing your Stats

Every character is defined by their Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, and Stamina. When making your character, you will by default have 10 points to spend on these 4 Stats. All 10 must be spent, no more, no less. The lowest number a Stat can have during creation is 0, and the highest is 5. However, through RP that Stat may go over 5, or under 0.

2. Strength

Strength is the most useful Stat for combat-oriented characters. It represents the physical fitness and force of a character. It has a direct impact on your damage, and health, and also plays a role in your carry weight. Finally, characters with 0 Strength are unable to participate in combat effectively, and will always lose. Strength is therefore the most important stat in combat. It is also useful for those who plan to extort others in the Infamy route, and in general Thugs and Headhunters benefit from strength-centric builds. Besdies this, strength also plays a part in binding other characters and escaping being bound. Overall, if you're planning on creating a character that's going to be involved in conflict a lot, of any kind, it's best to try and squeeze in an extra STR point if you can.

3. Intelligence

Intelligence is useful for Clergy characters. It represents the mental fortitude as well as the knowledge of a character. It directly impacts literacy. Intelligence is also a safeguard against nefarious actions by other characters, like being pickpocketed or lied to. Having more intelligence means you will be able to heal more as well. Having a higher intelligence enables you to slip inside and outside Rosewood easier without being spotted. In addition to this, Watchmen benefit from a higher intelligence when searching other characters, similar to how Inquisitors have an easier time conducting their investigations the more intelligence they have. Finally, while STR is obviously the main stat for combat, INT enables characters to use more complex moves and attacks. Overall, high intelligence builds mostly favour the clergy, while also defending people from crime and giving them a slight edge in late-game combat.

4. Charisma

Charisma is a character's speechcraft. The higher the Stat, the more charismatic they are. The higher the charisma, the more people want to listen to and believe you. This is very useful in infamy, especially when going in and out of Rosewood and when you have to lie to save yourself. Charisma is also useful as a secondary stat in the clergy due to its impact on preaching. Besides all this, characters with higher charisma will pay less for items on the market; the higher your charisma the better you are at bartering, meaning you get better prices.

5. Stamina

Stamina is a character's ability to use commands. It is likely the most important Stat. Almost all commands and mechanics have a minimum stamina requirement or a stamina cost. Basically, anything that would strain your character will somehow require a STM check. The most taxing action for stamina is definitely combat; the more stamina you have, the greater your advantage when fighting someone. It could very likely mean the difference between victory or defeat. The higher your stamina, the more nimble and resilient to labor you are, for example your carry weight is increased as you increase your STM. Stamina is one of those stats that you want to have a 2 or 3 in at least so you're able to function normally.

Your stamina, not your STM SICS stat, depends on the stamina number you chose during character creation. Every STM is equal to 20 stamina; which means you will have 60 stamina if you have 3 STM SICS points. If you set your STM as 0, you will instead have 10 stamina.

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