Infamy Route

The Infamy Route of the Commoner Path is based on using each role's specific command to somehow break the law in order to turn a profit. These roles are based on real-life medieval equivalents, and work both together and against each other. Their main tool is their ability to earn money illegally, slowly turning the character infamous. To join the Infamy route, you will need to speak to the Scout in the #black_market channel.

Thief 🀏Headhunter πŸ“œSmuggler πŸš£β€β™‚οΈBandit 🀺Thug πŸ‘Š

To leave the Infamy Route, you will have to speak to the Scout in the #black_market and demand to leave. Leaving will brand you a Scofflaw and will prohibit you from ever rejoining Infamy in the future.

Ranking up:

Every role-specific command gives your character a certain amount of XP. Upon reaching a milestone, you will instantly progress to the next level of your skill in the craft you've chosen. The numbers are as follows:

  • Rank I - [Vagrant] - 0 xp

  • Rank II - [Rogue] - 10 xp

  • Rank III - [Dilettante] - 30 xp

  • Rank IV - [Ace] - 60 xp

  • Rank V - [Paragon] - 100 xp

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