Details on how money is handled in MD.

The Currency

The currency used in Medieval Discord and the in-character world which is acknowledged by all characters within Rosewood is 1 Buckle or many Buckles.

The money your character owns can either be in Coin or in your Bank.

Buckles are usually made of silver, but copper and gold buckles exist as well. The silver buckle is the base, while gold buckles are worth around 50 silver buckles and are called bucks. Copper coins, called bucklets, are worth 1/20th of a buckle. For simplicity's sake, everyone calls these coins buckles. All buckles have a rose print on their tail side, while gold buckles have the profile of the current Sirius family head, silver ones have the fleur-de-lis, and copper ones have the Catholic Cross on their heads side.

This is the description of the coins used in-character but you as a player don't need to be aware of this unless you're describing the coins during roleplay.

Money in Coin

This is the money your character has on them, meaning, this is literally the coin your character is carrying in their coin purses. Your character always has access to money in coin and can use it at any time for whatever reason.

Here's an overview of what you can do with your money in coin:

  • Used for spending when buying items, doing quests, etc.

  • Can be stolen by other players

  • Can be lost as punishment when making wrong decisions, random events, etc.

  • Can be stored in the bank at any time using the money command in the bank channel.

  • You can't have more than 5000 buckles in your Coin balance at a time.

Money in Bank

  • Usually safe from being stolen or lost...usually.

  • Automatically taxed (unless you're avoiding taxes)

  • Any amount can be withdrawn using the money command.

The Money Command


Banking is handled through the money command. Using this command in the #bank will open up a menu with a few different buttons you can press to perform certain actions.

Every single character can DEPOSIT to and WITHDRAW from their bank "account" whenever they want to. Both buttons are only accessible through the money command.

The money command also handles loans and paychecks!

Checking your Balance

There is no need to type any additional commands or press any buttons. To check your coin and bank balances simply use the money command in the #bank channel. However, you can also use this command in any other channel, but you won't be able to do anything else besides see how much money you have in coin.

Depositing Coin to the Bank

Just press the DEPOSIT button and then type in any amount of buckles you wish to transfer from your coin balance to your bank balance.

Withdrawing Coin from the Bank

Simply press the WITHDRAW button and type in any amount of buckles you wish to transfer from your bank balance to your coin balance.

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Every time you withdraw while the amount withdrawn is exactly 1000 or over 1000 buckles, 10% of the withdrawn amount will be converted into a tax and applied to your bank balance. If you withdraw 1500 buckles from your Bank balance, you will end up receiving 1500 buckles in your cash balance, but your remaining Bank balance will be charged 150 buckles which is 10% of 1500.

Sending money

r!pay <amount> <@user>

<amount> - Number of buckles (from your coin balance) you want to give to the mentioned user. <@user> - Mentioned discord user (with @) to whom you're sending your coin.

You have to be in the same channel as the person you're sending money to!

Negative balance

Your bank balance can go below 0. There is no limit to how much you can owe the bank this way. Note that if you are found out to owe too much through a negative bank balance, you can get arrested and tried.

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