In order to deliver a meaningful RPG-esque experience, we've decided to keep items and inventory management as an integral part of the server. Not only do they add flavor to characters and allow them to express themselves in the most accurate way possible, but they have become integral to almost every mechanic within MD post-VEA. Odds are, if you want to do something, you will need to have an appropriate item present in your inventory or equipped.

Items represent any thing within MD's database with its own unique stats and purpose IC. Most items can be found in the market, however, there are certain items that can't be purchased and may only be obtained through different commands or mechanics. When inspecting an item, you will see many categories and labels, some of which you might not understand. Here's a brief explainer of the most general categories of items in MD.


Item type simply determines what kind of an item any item is; specifically, how it may be used. These are the types of items you will encounter in MD:

  • Food/Drink (may be consumed for HP, Stamina, or other effects)

  • Weapon (used for certain commands, but mostly for combat in order to inflict damage)

  • Armor (used in combat to avoid or reduce damage)

  • Tool (used in various commands, usually to produce another item; may also be used in combat)

  • Material (mostly used to create more complex items from simpler ones; some are usable in combat)

  • Clothing (equipable items that give characters a distinct appearance, or useful stats at times)

  • Footwear (equipable items that give characters a distinct appearance, and certain modifiers)

  • Jewelry (equipable items that give characters bonuses in charisma)


r!mend <item name>

<item name> - The name of the item from your inventory that you want to fix.

Item durability represents the overall condition of an item; in other words, how well-maintained it is with 100% being fully maintained and 0% being broken and unusable.

All items start at 100% durability. Depending on how often they are used, they may break unless they are maintained with the mend command.

Coin Cost

(mendcost)=(itemvalue)βˆ—(1βˆ’durability/125)(mendcost)=(itemvalue)*(1- durability/125)

While any character can use the mend command, smiths are highly proficient. They may mend items for 50% of their total cost, instead of the usual 80%. Weaponsmiths - mend weapons Armorsmiths - mend armors Blacksmiths - mend tools

Different commands will wear your durability down by different amounts, so it's a good idea to keep your items near 100 at all times. If an item's durability ever reaches 0, the item will break and disappear from your inventory.

If, for example, a command spends 5% durability of an item but the item has 4% durability left, the command can still be used (but the item will break).

Some items don't have durability, which means they can't be equipped to be used, and cannot be mended.

Additional modifiers

  • Sellable (items that can be sold to the market directly)

  • Tradable (items that characters may trade with each other)

  • Purchasable (items that can be purchased directly from the market)

  • Consumable (items that can be consumed for temporary or permanent effects)

  • Contraband (items that are illegal IC and can only be sold on the black market)

  • Cloakable (items that have the option to give you a cloak; exclusive to clothes)

Items also have specific stock values β€” a number that determines their quantity within the market. Usually, this number is ∞, but at times, like during events, it may take on a finite value. If an item's stock is 0, it cannot be purchased from the market.

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