Character Creator


The Character Creator is Medieval Discord's solution to character creation. It enables users to create a singular OC (original character) within MD's universe with certain identifiable traits that help them interact with other characters and the world around them. No user may engage in RP, or chat OOC (out of character) until they have made a character in the Character Creator.

Our method is completely automated, efficient, and simple to use. It is possible thanks to MD's custom bot and it makes use of Discord's button and dropdown features.

Once you make your character, you will have to wait 7 days before you can make a new one. The only exceptions to this are: 1. If this is your first character, in which case they are considered a Trial Character. 2. If you are a Certified Member.

Every OC has their:

NameGenderAgeReligionHeritageRegionPathsSICS Stats

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